3D print your girlfriend - Prank IF YOU'RE A TRUE GENIUS, YOU CAN SCORE 5 months ago   02:57

Simon Pierro
Digital Magic XXL! Hope you enjoy (even without iPad Magic) ;-)
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Thanks to TWINKIND (www.twinkind.com) for the cool mini-me 3D figure!
Thanks to my wonderful team and everyone involved in creating this huge illusion. Special thanks to Adrian Soler and Mirko Callaci!

More information on my magic at www.SimonPierro.com

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Haism Ibrahim
Love ur work. Dude

Can i share it...already posted 30
Raghubir Nagal
it's difficult to not close eyes.
Les gens sont vraiment cons parfois mdr
2018 Present Day: _Its not funny anymore!_
renaud techer
2:05 that man licking his lips with a dirty look at the freshly printed woman. I guess he imagined a few ways to make use of that technology.
Yadir Heden
Sam Fosdick
Damn...that was my last chance for a girlfriend....
Eric Tsou
You do all that and then all you say is to scare them is ah
unboxing theboxx
I need this printer😊
Jeffrey Spinner
We live in the modern dark ages. Might as well just sacrifice people and believe the earth is flat... wait a second, there are many people that do!
Vamshi Sai Krishna Arelli
But how did the clone appear from no where?
Herr Leeker
So lame as to be tedious. People will believe anything
Amal Shanthi
That girl was beautiful
christopher dunbar
That's is good and fun
luc bedard
3D printing would be just a copy, not a organic living, i was waiting for the surprise,
unkn0wn Rαge
if it give life to copy I would get surprised
Evan The Carrot
Wait how did the girl get up the machine?
Chris Hellams
Make me that frauline.
Kayhan shasavar
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IF YOU'RE A TRUE GENIUS, YOU CAN SCORE 3D print your girlfriend - Prank 5 months ago   12:49

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