3D print your girlfriend - Prank MAGIC TRICK PRANK 6 months ago   02:57

Simon Pierro
Digital Magic XXL! Hope you enjoy (even without iPad Magic) ;-)
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Thanks to TWINKIND (www.twinkind.com) for the cool mini-me 3D figure!
Thanks to my wonderful team and everyone involved in creating this huge illusion. Special thanks to Adrian Soler and Mirko Callaci!

More information on my magic at www.SimonPierro.com

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alper omeroglu
Amk biz kendi ülkemizdeki insanlardan salağı yok zannediyoruz ama bunlar duble gerizekalı amk. bir de inanılmaz falan diyorlar :D
zzizzi mizzi
I wonna print my wife more than 3 pcs😃😃😎😎😃😍😍
Kons37 Flyingreapper
Der opa girnst so lustig
Truman productions
I need a explanation on how they did that
Nik Sanat
3d printing is so fast
Andrew Hines
Jeremy kyle???
LolMan 7000
thats cool
Athul N Ullas
40gb file jst for a 360 image?
Emily Baker
I was like.... That's printing wayyyyyyy too fast
excaliber extreme gaming
Kamal Sharma
How much it cost
fuck you stupid you wasted my 3 minutes by giving wrong and fake title
Ferdinand SCHERER
soo fake
darkness then dark
Zack Pack
Clickbait! All the single lonely people came with a hope..
starman starman
Ya what next...Now satisfy dem with a double headed sword ....
Sara A
Shoot only if it was real i could get my architecture 3D models printed in a sec 😪
Aseem Sehmi
too good
Ben Tav
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