SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official ¡¡AAAHH MULTIVERSO!! Spider Man Far From 2 months ago   02:59

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[SPOILERS AHEAD] It’s time to step up. Watch the new #SpiderManFarFromHome trailer now and get your tickets today: https://bit.ly/FarFromHomeTix


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Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever. 

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Natsu Dragneel
0:38 daaaaaaamnnnnn that ROAST THO🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chris P Video game Warrior
Peter: Thor?

Nick Fury: Off world
*what he really meant: On a diet*

Peter: Captain Marvel?

Maria Hill: Unavailable
*what she really meant: Too OP. There won't be a movie*
Kyia Anderson
Has anyone noticed that in spider man homecoming zendaya played a girl named Michelle now in this one she plays mj... im so confused
Istrate Ioan
I'm not sure if anybody notice it but even Spiderman use Nokia (0:55 probably Nokia 6.1 aka 6 2018)
Diego Ramos
Was the guy in the beginning the actor for Spider-Man?
So, Spider-Man is into black girls now? How liberal and politically correct of him. Hahaha....
Mumtaz Sindhi
Hannah Crowhurst
i finished watching this and got an avengers ad, with NO spiderman! i was like, where is spidey!!
Just A Huffleclaw
Can we discuss Mysterio with a beer, while Peter is drinking orange juice with a straw?
Mongoliam AG
Nice 😉😉😍
Tharshaon Thiru
Damn, comes out on my birthday
bm3 .b99
Watching it again I can hear the sadness in his voice even more...
Thomas Esser
Christina MacInnes
Ironic Tom Holland’s the one warning us
Bishnuhari Diguli
Sass - Parilla
“Who is the next Iron Man?”
Me: *wHy iS thE NexT iROn mAn?*
Holly Anderson
I was already crying, now I feel depressed 3,000.
James Kirk
So the MCU is apparently a multiverse now and ra few seens looked like Noir Spider-Man
Curtis J
I'd love to see iron woman make a appearance. Tony's wife... that woyld be awesome.... theyve been putting her in the suit for a few movies now.. so make it official and lots more of iron mans suits as helpers. All the different versions of the suit just being wasted
Gir The Spurr
I’m guessing that at 0:22 peter was in a jet going back to Queens since they were just at Avengers HQ and he fell asleep. Since the events of Endgame happened very recently, peter slept on the ride back and had a nightmare of seeing Tony die right in front of him, which is why it looks like he’s crying
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¡¡AAAHH MULTIVERSO!! Spider Man Far From SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official 2 months ago   03:41

Brutal spider man far from home trailer 2 subtitulado reacción! Mysterio es de otro universo ¡Multiverso CONFIRMADO! pronto análisis.

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