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Top Ten Tourist Attractions In Jamaica | Virgin Atlantic Destination Guides: - At Up-Tube.com

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Jamaica Virgin Atlantic Destination Guides: 8 months ago   06:19

Jamaican Things
Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

Video counting down 10 popular Tourist Destination sites in Jamaica

10. Martha Brae Rafting Village
09. James Bond Beach
08. Hope Botanical Gardens
07. Blue Mountains
06. Mayfield Falls

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Comments 5 Comments

Maya Bucks
I went with a private tour company called The Epic Collective. best decision I could have made! I booked online think its like www.JeepToursJamaica.com
richard none
dunns falls is fantastic i have been there 2 times
William Carter Esparza
Great Video, helped for my project
amoya stewart
I enjoyed watching this video... great visuals and great list of attractions thanks for sharing
JamaicanSista ROBINSON
seh-!! What about the #WorldClassRicksCafe?
My former place of employment!
miss j Rich
Was a great experience last year at the Martha Brae lake
Virtuous Woman
What about Bath with hot water coming from the Rocks located in St Thomas and the newly open Peter Tosh Museum located on Trafalgar Road . After a trip to bath along with a Mud massage it leaves one's feeling brand new 😊
Ear Bernard
What about glistening waters in Falmouth, that's Jamaica only natural night attraction
Is there or will there be a video on the newest attractions in Jamaica. An example Jewels and I believe it's a zoo in St. Elizabeth if I'm correct on that. If not how soon as plans are pending for Summer 2019. We need logistics to complete our efforts. Thanks!
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Virgin Atlantic Destination Guides: Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Jamaica 8 months ago   26:33

Discover the most vibrant and exciting places to eat, drink, dance and sleep in gorgeous Jamaica.

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