Part 1: Uneasy Coexistence | Conflict Israeli Settlers in the Occupied West 1 day ago   08:20

National Geographic
For Israelis and Palestinians trying to lead an ordinary life, the complications of living in a conflict zone can be extraordinary. Aziz Abu Sarah meets with people from both sides to understand how this conflict impacts their daily lives. He is a cultural educator, a native of Jerusalem, and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer who works in international conflict resolution.
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Part 1: Uneasy Coexistence | Conflict Zone

National Geographic

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What terrible anti-Israel propaganda... The Arabs ("Palestinians") of Mandate Palestine tried to finish Hitler's plan and kill all the remaining Jews just three years after the Holocaust, the moment the entire United Nations lawfully created the State of Israel. That's why they they were expelled and will never be allowed back: crimes against Humanity.
To say that Jews have no right to live in Judea and Samaria (the "West Bank") is ridiculous. It's their ancestral homeland, the very heart of Israel. Stop the Lies!!!
Arya Sandesh
Long live Israel.
miasan mia
long live Israël 🇮🇱 ❤️ 🇫🇷
Μάριος Ξενάκης
if you leave aside the fanatics, Israeli took over Palestine by force and the help of the British this is the truth and if someone doesn't believe that was to read a history book.
You took their land why you want more, let those people leave in there territories stop taking more and more of their land.
SchnitzelBerry 13
Btw you forgot to mention that, before 1948, the land formerly known as Palestine was under BRITISH control. There is no, and never was a Palestinian State.
Tristan Burton
Amazing how Muslims are allowed to live in the West but Muslims don't want to 'coexist' with non-muslims in the Middle East?
Irsyad Aiman
May Allah bless the Palestinian
barmalinito barmalini
Blatant anti-israeli propaganda, this time from Natgeo. Shame on you, Natgeo
a k
Ronald Reagan
How convenient leaving out that part about every neighboring Arab countries attacked, all the shitstains left Israel, and when Israel pushed them all back, and won! The shitstains tried to return after siding with the Arabs. Fing morons tell the truth!
Constance Yen
Recently Trump demanded Federal Express to steal 5G technology from Huawei. So there were 4 packages of Huawei were stolen and sent to USA at different times and places without Huawei ‘s knowledge. How could USA Sank so low without merits and ethics?
xi jingping
Jews read and teach distorted history illusions
xi jingping
Jews must live in peace and harmoney with palestinians or next decade might be end of jews in the world
xi jingping
Muslims started that guess how many muslims faught against nazies to protect jews half a million muslims dies protecting so called uk france ugly jews and russians that are alk so unthankful to muslims
Eli Hareli
This is cheap propaganda with wrong facts....
mr potato
The Palestinian people want to have a country for them but they want our electricity......
awuor jill
These people should stop being deluded there is no such thing as Palestine but there has been Israel for over 3000 years ago

The original settlers were Canaanites and Philistines and they were driven out by Israel and even then some of these people before Israel came from Crete

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and let no one lie to them about that David captured it and made it the capital and later when the Arabs joined forces to fight Israel, Jordan lost it for it was under Jordanian rule do the Palestine have no claim over it

They should infact be glad that they have a piece of the promised land
SchnitzelBerry 13
First I want to state a fact: true Israel did not occupy Judea and Samaria (West Bank) UNTIL the 1967 6day war. It was occupied by Jordan! The Arab League declared war on Israel and LOST and when you lose a war, you lose land it's logic. Therefore when a Jew or Arab crosses the checkpoints they aren't crossing international borders it is Israeli land! And secondly: PEACE ✌
Dan Karpenko
Ng seriously? I though you are good objective chanel. Cheap video superficially showing the problem, moreover, on one side only.
Chaya Lester
Incredible biased and misleading. Disappointed in National Geographic
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Israeli Settlers in the Occupied West Part 1: Uneasy Coexistence | Conflict 1 day ago   16:41

“Why would an Israeli Jew choose to live in the West Bank?”

That’s the question that motivates writer Wajahat Ali to travel to Israel in a new documentary from The Atlantic. Ali, who has been critical of Israel, embarks on a personal quest to understand the perspectives of some of the 400,000 Israeli Jews who live in the occupied territory in defiance of international law—and to hear from the Palestinians who oppose them.

In his travels through the West Bank, Ali visits the family of a Palestinian terrorist, ventures into the heart of one of the most radical settlements, and speaks to the leader of an NGO focused on creating a dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians.

Read Ali's article in the June 2018 issue of The Atlantic:

Support for this project has been provided by the Henry R. Luce Initiative on Religion and International Affairs of the Henry Luce Foundation.