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Henry Hill - Last Days
Goodfella Henry Hill, played by Ray Liotta, in the Martin Scorsese film "Goodfellas'" lead the gangster's good life, until he had no choice but to turn on his friends. Unable to keep in check during his time in the witness protection program, "these guys eat spagetti with ketchup!", Henry found a few years of free living in LA before his death. This is the story of his life, and the years he spent in LA writing his cookbook The Goodfellas Cookbook.

I shot and edited this for a TV special. He's a controversial figure no doubt, but don't discount his awesome cookbook.


I'm 100% Italian and these recipes are easy to make, and taste amazing! The names of the dishes are worth the admission price alone. You have: Sunday Gravy (Meat Sauce) • Cheater’s Chicken Stock • Striped Bass for Paulie • Fat Larry’s Pizza Dough • Henry’s Kickback Antipasti Hero • Sicilian Easter Bread with Colored Eggs • Oven Penitentiary Sauce with Sausage • Michael’s Favorite Ziti with Meat Sauce • and many others

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PooDot StinkPants
*This didn't even tell us how he died*
Music Music
I would like you all to think wisely, before calling someone a rat. Henry Hill does not come across a nice guy, or someone you would respect given how he treated his family, but think long and hard about this Rat mentality bull shit. Everyone has the code of the street embedded in them when your doing crime, its like a fraternity, but that all changes when your looking at big sentences or multiple life sentences and your family out on the street. Everyone walks into that police room with the belief their not going to say jack shit, but that's not how it works and that's how the cops won that war when they changed the sentencing. That promise of loyalty and so called grit which a lot of posters in the comment section have who have probably at worst had their push bikes stolen, goes out the window, very few maintain it. I don't blame people for ratting, its the smart thing to do, especially when they brought in massive sentences which stripped people of their lives or even worse, put their familys out on the streets.
Good fella
Cool trivia from TV Show Sopranos:
When Tony Soprano feared Chris would make a movie about them ( revealing organised crime ) he told him
Survival Gaming Channel
How can people put a like on this video. This guy is fuckin scum and how he was not dealt with after he got out I don't know
Survival Gaming Channel
Fuckin rat. He would be dead in our crew
Palm Trees and Rum
Henry was nothing more then a liar and exaggerated his stories to the limit.
Ir Gan
Coward Always Lives
To Kai
al pacino should have played the role
Wow. A lot of people are mad at him for being a rat, but no mention of all the horrible crimes he committed. Our moral compasses are really fucked.
Saif Malik
Of course he's a Jew
Somebody should shoot that motherfucker. He living the good life after he got caught and snitched everybody out
all these mafia wannabees calling him a rat,the whole mafia organisation if made up of rats, always putting themselves first and turning on each other.
Joe Sanchez
Still a bitch rat fuck.
Jack Woods
He was just too brainless to become such a public figure. Actually, he was too brainless to even be a bottom feeding mob associate, though Marty has Henry--and Tommy--looking more important than they were.
Cordell Ross
Marlon Felix
John the man
wack that looser
A Ron
He's doing pretty decent eh
Michael Herrmann
Rat bastard! Turn on your friends!
WD Harris
He was a rat...he should have been whacked.
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Henry Hill Tribute Henry Hill's Last Days 5 months ago   10:33

Henry was a good friend to many people. Some of his past was portrayed in the Martin Scorcese film "Goodfellas" with Ray Liotta, Robert Deniro, Joe Pesci, et. al. Rest in peace Henry!