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How Are British English And American English | The Scots Language (Or Dialect?!) - At Up-Tube.com

How Are British English and American English The Scots Language (or Dialect?!) 1 year ago   11:49

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This video is all about the differences between UK English and US English.

Special thanks to Peter Ashton for his British audio samples and feedback!

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wika sika
the biggest difference is Brets drink tea and Amrcs drink coffee
I'm American but definitely prefer a lot of aspects of British English.. I wonder if any Brits prefer American English?
Mik Be
Sorry dude, there is NO "British English" and "American English". There is English and American. Ask the Her Majesty Queen!
Dany Sahne
Law_r_and order.
I love it.
Serrin Croft
Does any other American get bugged as hell being called a Yankee if your not from one of the New England states? For me it’s like how the Scottish or Welsh feel when they’re called English. Not that there is anything wrong with someone being English, it’s just a comparison.
Lunatic Lunala
Difference between British and American english:

British: crisps

British: lift

American: Middle East

American: prison
I'm an ordinary person who like мэмэs
5:09 LMAO he sounded like a Minecraft villager
Serrin Croft
The word ‘whilst’ basically doesn’t exist in American English. In fact, it makes me cringe a little bit because it sounds so pompous. It’s replaced mainly by the word ‘while’.
US citizens speak English with a little bit of dumb added, that is all.
Rafael Almeida
Good video.
Orange OwL
Why Do you know or care about this?
Pratik Chaurasia
As an Indian we are familier with both British as well as american english. We adapt everything out of these...😉
pj moseley
Brits use a number of words that mean the same as Beer, it just depends where in the UK your from, for example beer is also used BEER could be used as bevy, brew, drink, a glass, a few, a round, an ale, a pint, a half, to my ear i easily understand every word said with an American or Canadian accent. I also have noticed some Americans use words i used to hear as a child but I no longer hear in 2019. those words are still used in the USA. another is the pronunciation. in the London area ROUTE is pronounced ROOT, but many years ago in the west of England ROUTE was pronounced as the Americans pronounce it (as in the tool ROUTER but spelt ROUTE) there's many many more similar examples.
François Miville
R is also pronounced in Queen's English but it is a mere throaty prolongation of the vowel : it fuses whenever possible with the preceding short vowel.
sohanlal giriya
English language is very brilliant and best language but indian language is a very worst language.
2:15 Womens underpants are referred to as what?
Eugene Kuzmenko
I love Canadian humor! haha
1stEye's Goofy Gaming Room
Canadians are Americans.. Does Canada NOT sit in North America same as the U.S.A? Ijs
Adam van der Rood
English: Fortnight.
American: biweekly.
The Jolly Kangaroo
Main difference: One is clearly better.
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The Scots Language (or Dialect?!) How Are British English and American English 1 year ago   16:34

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This video is all about Scots, a sister language of English (or an English dialect, depending on who you ask). Either way, it's fascinating!

Thanks to Fiona Katherine Smith for her recordings and advice!

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