How Are British English and American English The Scots Language (or Dialect?!) 9 months ago   11:49

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This video is all about the differences between UK English and US English.

Special thanks to Peter Ashton for his British audio samples and feedback!

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I've got a bunch of American slang that I want to see how many you know:
S Smith
Why do Brits add an 'R' at the end of words ending in 'A' ; as in Cinema becomes CinemaR ?
Chris Crutchley
And my favourite: as a British English speaker, seeing a sign outside an American's house, "No Solicitors"
Ato Cox
I'm from the English speaking Caribbean but now live in the US .Back in the West Indies, we usually are taught to use standard British English, but more and more , American English influences us, especially through modern television (going for a beer). I certainly wasn't aware of using "pants" to say something "sucks" until now. I use learnt for past tense and sometimes find it being spell checked . I dint know about the "-se" vs "-ce" endings until now.Great video.
TripNBallsGaming (Under construction)
Is it weird that some of the General American examples confused me, while the RP examples all made sense, even though I'm from the Pacific Northwest?
Matthijs Bouma
There's actually a reason for the ground and first floor difference. In Britain, in the old days, the house was built on the ground, with (if you could afford it) wood panels or even flagstones to cover the dirt, though the poor would generally live on the actual soil. In the New World, what with spiders and snakes and scorpions, that was not a good idea. So, people would slightly raise their houses, and so be forced to build a floor. And hey, presto! we have a first floor, almost at ground level, over the base. A secondary result of this is that "basement" to refer to the (semi-) subterranean storage facility is more usual in AmE, where BrE calls it a cellar.
Ninja Assassin
In the southern side of America such as Texas and Mississippi they will have long syllables but mostly everywhere else in America things are pronounced like how they are written
Anti Tribe
size is sise!!
G. Confa
There is a world wide popular game called Football. And there is another in which you dress up like Robocop and people watch it for the ads.
Germán Gelvez
Very dificult!! 😂😂 suena mas lindo t agradable el I. Británico...
Things with ANDREW
Also British don’t use “ The” SOMETIMES don’t come at me. But like for example
UK: We are going to hospital
But in American
US-We are going to the hospital
A bizarre past tense form I hear from a lot of Americans is "drug" as the past tense of drag (instead if dragged) - this is just bad English as far as I can tell.
Carla venero
I understand every word on American TV-An Australian here. There are maybe a couple of hundred words that are different, Chemist is drug store in USA but still English words. Taxi and cab. We use both in Australia.
Amer: He's in the hospital.
UK: He's in hospital.
Omagari Toshi
Vegetable names tend to be more French in British, and more Italian in American.
Hari Llewelyn
The pronunciation of 'aluminium' and 'herbs' I've found irritating when comparing to american English as they seem to just be inconsiderate of the letters within the word. For aluminium, this is the 'i' after the 'n', and for herbs, americans view the 'h' as silent, why? The silent letters beginning in the English language are often k such as 'knight' so why is h the exception here, I just don't understand.
British: Bloody!
American: F*cking!
Aidan Traynor
This video was pants
Tiago Sá
Great video! I'm Brazilian and I prefer British English, actually, British accent (Received Pronunciation) is my favourite English accent.
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The Scots Language (or Dialect?!) How Are British English and American English 9 months ago   16:34

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This video is all about Scots, a sister language of English (or an English dialect, depending on who you ask). Either way, it's fascinating!

Thanks to Fiona Katherine Smith for her recordings and advice!

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