M.S.Dhoni-A born leader| A tribute CSK Captain MS Dhoni Funny Reply 1 day ago   06:22

Jothi Periyasamy
Compilation of videos of cricket greats speaking why M.S.D is Mr.Cool.Also they speak about his character,his captaincy skills and more.

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Arun Velan
Thala ❤️My dad introduced him and by the time onwards he became a second hero after my Dad 🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️
Harish Varma
Dhoni always legend
Soumyadeep Sardar
i forever remember it . it's true......
good chanel
King dhoni
V.mettupatty Vadamadurai
Thota Venkatesh
Dhoni fans like here👍
Sandeep Kumar
King in the world cricketr
He is the greatest man
Masterpiece Mounty
Frøzen Flames
'India finishes the world cup after 28 years!!!' I love this line.
pradeep kumar
Love u dhoni sir... U r great..
lavanya saida
B clam.he vl b in the nxt world cup please don't make force to him still he vl play for india stop such ah stupid comments passing against to him who ever want him to retirement fast u ppl get retire from ur life idiots world cup is not ah life to us right this tym we missed nxt 2023 cup for sure Ms vl lift for us love to Ms
Tarxon X
I salute..
Tarxon X
I can’t type u r the best captain in the world
I won't be shocked that in future there will be temple where Dhoni will be God. I will always bow down to him.
utkarsh kumar
Best video
Rajesh Nath
When Dhoni comes into playground ....Who love this sounds. Dhoni.. Dhoni....Dhoni.....like hare..and comments Dhoni.
srisailam goud
Really Ms dhoni good cricketer good wicket Keeper good game finishing Batman's good management skills by him all the best for his rest of his career in Indian cricket
Sankar G
297 aliens disliked are from other planets as the people from mars and saturn doesn't know power of DHONI.
Neeta Anbhule
Those people who have disliked this video need to know that he is more favourite and loved person than any actor
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CSK Captain MS Dhoni Funny Reply M.S.Dhoni-A born leader| A tribute 1 day ago   05:06

What do you do when Dhoni misses a stumping or drops a catch?! Harbhajan Singh Give perfect answers of a question!
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