Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode Kit Harington Reveals Which 'Game 1 day ago   1:33:40

Hey Kneelers!! Let's discuss Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 =))

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This video is both an analysis of events from past seasons of HBOs "Game of Thrones" as well as Game of Thrones Season 8 theories and Game of Thrones Season 8 predictions.

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Stelios Stavrinides
Thoros had the gift/power to raze the dead not Beric, isn't that so?
Stelios Stavrinides
knights of the vale where behind Bryan on the first line. You can see them behind her on first scenes with their sigil on their shields
Stelios Stavrinides
Yes the walkers where 12 you are right
Stelios Stavrinides
Greyworm was a surprised to live? What about Sam guys he should have been in the crypt instead he survived ?
Will you do a video at the end of the series where you take questions again? I am never around during livestreams, and I'm sure my question got buried on Twitter, but could you PLEASE _PLEASE_ *_PLEASE_* explain what happened in the Crypts of Winterfell in Episode 3?

Specifically, if the Night King raised _all_ the corpses of the dead Starks, does that mean that *_Lyanna Stark_* was revived and then proceeded to massacre the women and children?

If so were *_Ned's bones_* rattling around in his tomb? Was his hand able to punch out and choke someone?

After the Battle did they reinter the dead kings, and if so, how horrible that Jon would have had to pry his dead mother's ghoulish hands out of the bowels of his own smallfolk. Yeesh.

Guerrière Celte Normande
Arya left a barricaded room through a secret passage that goes strait to the weirwood forest. All she had to do is climb the nearest tree to Bran and wait for the NightKing. She flew over the wight wackers blowing ones hair and voilà!
Hay'der Parker
Arya used her mask and turned into one of the dead, remember the red hair lady said it’s blue eyes,green, and brown....she chose blue to make it seem like she was dead then that’s when she took it off and attacked
Brittney Gordon
The prophecy about Bran being the Head Arch Maester is AWESOME!!! Especially since some things are coming full circle. Remember how the Maesters laughed about the info they received about the white walkers when Sam tried to tell them they should believe? True Pretty Woman moment!
Kristy Finlay
- DJ Wun Wun - just sub'd to your channel, excited to check out your vids :) I also *really* like your idea that Sandor will kill The Mountain using fire! That's perfect!!
- Fandom - your comment about how Beric's sword shoulda been a boomerang had me laughing way too hard. It at least coulda had power like Mjolnir or somethin'!!! Hahahahahaha
- Milt - you never asked the wheel about who would be king/queen!!!
Kristy Finlay
Bridge: You laugh cracks me up, it's contagious, love how giddy you get about the episode. You comment about your hands had me laughing so hard. In my reaction, you can see that I did make a comment wondering if the wights were in the library to do a little light reading, lol. Like, wtf were they doing in there?!?! I thought maybe they were looking for something for the NK, but I guess not! I'd seriously LOVE for you to do a video going over what exactly different people's powers what are green dreams/green sight, what powers does Bran actually greensight one of them, I know we saw 2 moments in his sudden flash the episode where he first linked into the Weirwood net pre Bloodraven, but I wasn't sure if that was just a show inconsistency because he never (nor did Bloodraven ever) mention being able to see into the future...always said the past and the present. I'm willing to bet you've got a much better handle on it than most people. ;)
Kristy Finlay
Aw man, bummed I missed this. Glad I finally got a chance to listen to it today though! Ha, I felt like a total idiot because I was responding out loud to you guys, hahahaha. Oy. Anyways...I completely agree, I thought Grey Worm was 100% a goner! I mean, he made plans for after the can't do that!!! Haha. Going into the episode I didn't think we were gonna lose as many as we thought we were going to - I'd picked out Grey Worm, Theon, Beric as 100% dead, Jorah & Edd and likely dead, and Podrick as maaaaaybe but didn't want to commit to it. We lost a total of 7 named people: Edd, Lyanna Mormont, Beric, Theon, Joran, The NK, and Melissandre. Something I realized today - we now have no more true followers of the Lord of Light in Westeros, right? No more Fire Priests or Priestesses. I still have a not so good feeling that something will happen to Brienne - could be as simple as Bronn deciding he is going to take out the Lannister brothers, Brienne spots him about to shoot Jaime, pushes Jaime out of the way, is hit herself & dies in his arms. That would give him a HUUUUUUGE kick in the ass to go to KL and kill Cersei. I'm hoping that's not how it goes down though - I can still see her as part of the Kingsguard/Queensguard and helping to fill in Jaime's pages in the white book. Honestly, all my theories were totally blown up with this episode! Only thing I DON'T see happening is Arya killing Cersei - she's already had this huge kill, it'll go to someone else...probably Jaime or Tyrion (but probably Jaime, haha)
Jennifer Puckett
I was with you on team heal and the awesomeness of Arya is the only the that makes it not disappointing that they didn't go that way. I am disappointed though that we will never get a staredown between the lioness and the little bear. That would have been glorious to behold.
Jasmine Bell
I knew when Melisandra reminded her who tf she was! As soon as she walked off I knew for sure. I thought she would before the episode came out but I thought she might die doing it. I also knew Lyanna would go out like the BA she is.
jenny hopes
I knew when Arya said "not today".... She's a faceless man & used her training - I had some ideas when she was able to disappear in the Library..
Mo Kenn
Not sure if anyone answered this, but why didn't Beric resurrect when the Night King rose the dead of the Winterfell Battle? Are followers of "The Lord of the Light" somehow "immune" (for lack of a better word) to the Night Kings call? It may mean nothing, perhaps he did rise and I just missed it, but I was just wondering if anyone knows.
Bernard DiAngelo
Favorite Jon’s greater good moment when he left Sam to the walkers. Do you think this will be a tension point for them since he was calling for Jon. Sam was a major liability for them just flat in the way
The Beard
I have a theory about the hound the mountain and aria. The hound will kill the mountain but will be wounded. Then aria will kill him as a mercy calling back to early when she left him on the mountain side to die. Get it on the “mountain” side .... on the “mountains” side
kelly maguire
I wonder if Sansa is trying to make Tyrion think that there is a possibility for a relationship, in order to sway his loyalty from Danaerys?
kelly maguire
I feel like there was no closure the way the Night King was killed. I thought they would either heal him or he would communicate something to Bran.
I like the idea about the comet as an amplifier. Especially because the shine and appear to "burn" when they approach close to the sun, but they are just cold ice and ash. The comet could be amplifying both, and could be the reason that the Night King returned to power and moved south.
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Kit Harington Reveals Which 'Game Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 day ago   01:23

Harington talks life after a decade on 'Thrones': 'I'm always going to be very fond of it.'
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