How to Create Luck - Dalton Caldwell, How to apply and get into Y Combinator - Episode 2 days ago   06:04

Y Combinator
Dalton Caldwell, Y Combinator partner and founder of imeem and Mixed Media Labs, on how to create luck.

Y Combinator invests a small amount of money ($150k) in a large number of startups (recently 200), twice a year.

Learn more about YC and apply for funding here:

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Y Combinator
00:10 - How do you create luck?
00:54 - Examples from YC
2:30 - Creating luck pre-company
3:55 - Betting on strengths vs exploring
5:06 - Creating luck as a later stage company
great advertorial for that credit cards for startups startup , as if were too ignorant to see these attempts xD
This guy's personality is so obnoxious. He's way too arrogant. He talks as though everything he says is the absolute truth and only his oppinion is the truth.
strategy show
This is so true! Good advice to entrepreneurs... Thanks!
David Hager
This channel has a lot of information that I would get from meeting very interesting people. It's wonderful.
kevin okune
Great share And Tips Dalton Caldwell, thanks
Thank you so much! What microphone “equipment” are you guys using to record the voice in this video?
Seems like he also talks 3x as fast
christine smith
3:05 isn't it bad telling people your ideas?
christine smith
Thanks for the tips! I think one of my takeaways from this is that it's better to be able to learn and implement fast rather than spending years "getting ready" (or getting experience... or maybe going to university). Because spending years getting ready actually limits quantity of opportunities. So if you have the opportunity, its better to dive in rather than wait. Youre going to learn lots from the opportunity anyway so theres no reason to "get readY"
Growth Ladder - Career Mastery
This is amazing! Incredible analogy of what luck is and how to get it, more often that not, many people tend to have the ability to be "lucky" more than their peers but in reality this is not luck, just hard work put in to become adaptable and constantly striving to be a few steps ahead of everyone. Curious to hear what your take is on whether it is easier to have luck in an individual or with a group?
Thierry Milard
I do agree also that getting things done is good :
1) Against competition
2) Against your time-left-funding
But I feel when you are searching for a market-fit with a software, the Quality of what you are building is also very important.
Why? Because quality is like time, a good differenciate.
I don't get why ycombinator never talks about quality
Dr Biky
Thanks for sharing! Very inspiring 😎
David Shamiri
Can he further break down how to move fast? How to be more productive than any other person in a given amount of time.
kefa mutuma
great concept there..
Matt Jones
Great analysis and explanation. Super helpful! Thank you!
Ignacio Benavides
This video just scream Survival bias.
Nicola - Business Tips For Success
Amazing video!
Good pieces of advice! 🔥🔥
This is amazing
Back To Back SWE
I love this
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How to apply and get into Y Combinator - Episode How to Create Luck - Dalton Caldwell, 2 days ago   07:02

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