GOOD BOYS Red Band Trailer HERMANOS SHORT FILM (2018) 2 weeks ago   03:23

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Watch the official trailer for Good Boys, a comedy movie starring Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon. In theaters August 16, 2019.

A Group of young Boys on the cusp of becoming teenagers embark on an epic quest in the San Fernando Valley to fix their broken toy before their Parents get home.

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How big has Jacob gotten?
so why do bad girls like good guys
Ahmadfaridalhadj Ahmadfaridalhadj
1.11 please name song
Peter Gregory Cruzata
At this age they're very curious about sex
Lukas Aoki
Jacob tremblay is so cute ahhh
2:37 Orange Justice (performed by the black kid)
rud 2
im a 6th grader and the only things i hear them say is fuck and unfunny jokes,
Besides, they look 9
;-; There parents tho :/
Andy Omlie Jr
What happened to jacob trembley
Kay Lawson
Is anyone gonna talk about the blonde boy the one from wonder and before I wake??
Giggity King
Now imagine Captain America was in this movie
to cute cool
p.o.r.b oh sorry I meant... OH GOD
dinuka nuwan
Get out there girlllllll 😂😂😂😂
Galaxy Milo Haida
If they wanted to see people kissing just watch a romantic comedy or too All the boys I loved before
Enrique Diazhmiron
Bitches on everywhere
Berries 20
The trailer looked gross enough to make me hesitate clicking but I'm so glad I did because I can't imagine how hilarious the movie might be if the mere trailer made me laugh this hard
Hayden Jeter
I was in sixth grade last year

This trailer is very accurate
Dont Lie Tell The Truth
Follywood is sick and must be put on anti-biotics of destruction.
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HERMANOS SHORT FILM (2018) GOOD BOYS Red Band Trailer 2 weeks ago   25:12

"Hermanos" (R for language and some violence / 25min) is the story of Juan and Mateo, two childhood friends whose older brothers are leaders of rival Latino street gangs. It's about the struggle to maintain a friendship while staying loyal to family in an unforgiving neighborhood.

How far will you go for family?

A Los Feliz Films Production. Written and Directed by Timur Bootzin.

Starring: Scar, George Pakola, Jesus Medina, Axel Montana C. , Omar Camacho, Edgar Alvarez, Lee Coc.