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5 Things That You Should Never | 2019 Corvette Grand Sport - At Up-Tube.com

5 Things That You Should NEVER 2019 Corvette Grand Sport 6 months ago   07:12

Cars, Costs and Technology
Here is a list of 5 things that you should never do to a Corvette! Any of these things could easily accidentally happen and cause you some major headaches.

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Cars, Costs and Technology
What's the worst thing you've accidentally done to your car? Thanks for watching!
david harper
Or ANY other car
malang Sob
1-Pull a plow
2-Set on fire and drive
3-Sweet jumps
4-Use it as a city bus
Damm can't bring a large drink!!Bitches better leave there big gulps at home!!😁😁😂😂
Puli Massiv
where can i send my pics and videos of my vette? greetings from switzerland
samoyed watermelon
Camaros or corvettes?
Do want. I really want a Corvette, but sadly they are not as common here in Europe, especially in my country so any servicing or maintenance can be more costly compared to the US. But I really want one.
Great video thanks! Just got a 2019 stingray admiral blue love it!
Tom George
Rolling about 40 , in my C6
hit passing gear and a 8:4 Red Bull flipped over into the second cup holder after spilling half all over the car
The #1 thing a Corvette owner should ever do is buy one with an automatic tranny. Bunch of posers and pussys.
Useless video... honestly, only a fucking moron wouild forget to latch the roof, and the other items are common sense.
Yuma Lee
Cuando eres pobre sin carro pero miras igualmente el vídeo
Marcus Boykin
This is important information for future me who is a corvette owner.
Mick Mick
No one cares and people are idiots
First world problems must be nice.
RedRyder Z
I'm pretty sure I'm getting a C7. Looking at a Z51 2LT but might go with the RCF or Q60S
Zachary Bennefield
These are all stupid problems that only retards would have a problem with
Kris I.
I love the corvette! In my opinion nest bag for the buck, I have a c6 z06 and love this car, may do a 2016 z06
Kris I.
I’ve had the battery die in the key fob,had to google the placement for the fob to start the car.
Laviolette Racing
Canadian drinks will fit no prob...loll have you seen the size of the drinks in the US these days like 5 times bigger then you see here.. no joke
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2019 Corvette Grand Sport 5 Things That You Should NEVER 6 months ago   14:02

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