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5 Things That You Should Never | 2019 Corvette Grand Sport - At Up-Tube.com

5 Things That You Should NEVER 2019 Corvette Grand Sport 9 months ago   07:12

Cars, Costs and Technology
Here is a list of 5 things that you should never do to a Corvette! Any of these things could easily accidentally happen and cause you some major headaches.

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Cars, Costs and Technology
What's the worst thing you've accidentally done to your car? Thanks for watching!
Elite Gmer
even though i own a c4 most of these are still true!
Mark Crawford
Not one word, bout. Let the car learn you how to drive it. They will! If you have any questions, feel free to azk. 2004 c5
cecilia bautista
So, I have to be 100% extra carefull to the corvette grand sport.
James Morrison
You take a really really big dumb ass to do something like that
Jerry Briggs
Two things. How can Chevy make cups holders that don't hold your drinks in a 50,000+ sports car. Come on Chevy, wake up.

2ND, your video of your front end scraping your driveway when you went so slow is discerning. That Vette is super low. I guess I won't be buying one, since I live in MA and there is a thing called snow and ice chunks. Why couldn't Chevy build it with just a little more room underneath. OH! WELL! Guess I have to get a BMW or MB or Jag. What a shame. One question did Chevy build a vette in the earlier models not so low to the ground? Good video.
Tafari Boozer
Thanks for posting these videos future corvette owner.
M. Clark
Yeah, I forgot to latch my T-tops on my firebird as a kid way back in the day... It shot up in the air after hitting highways speeds and crashed, luckily, to the asphalt instead of another car after a good amount of time flying through the air... Lesson learned, never drive off before checking top latches, regardless of the car...
Brah, i want a corvette!! Can you tell how much down and how much your payments came to be....also insurance costs if you don't mind!?
don wilson
1. Take it to a car show
2. Let a friend drive it.
3. Buy it and have it transported to you.
4. Buy one if you are over 50.
5. Drive it in the winter.
Eithel Rotschild
Front of the C8 looks like a Mexican body builder. Mexican population in the US is growing per second. "How do we convince all those Mexicans to buy our Corvette if we canna make a lot of money?" "I know, we'll make our new Corvette to appear like a Ferrari plus we'll try to stuff that engine in the middle for the first time, those Mexicans can't know the difference between Ferrari or Corvette."
GM Junkie
The roof thing happened to me in a 4thgen camaro t top😂
Joe Kelly
thanks very much ,for info
David Lanier
Yeah if you have a Corvette don't drive slow like an old person actually drive fast 😑 I see a lot of people buy Corvettes and they're too scared to put on the gas 😂
David Lanier
It's not that low
barry Farrell
never let your girlfriend drive ....
Thomas Carrillo
Just like my lady. She wants you to penetrate deep enough🙄
Dan Smulders
First thing you should do with a vette is turn around in the dealership and not buy one. You look like a wanker in one.
Only 2 cup holders. How many do you need?
Common sense video. Was hoping for a more directed useful video
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2019 Corvette Grand Sport 5 Things That You Should NEVER 9 months ago   14:02

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