360° tour of the University of Findlay 360° Tour of the University of Miami 1 day ago   06:34

Step into the University of Findlay with our 360 virtual tour.

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Tom Norys
I was born and raised in Findlay. Used to attend Findlay College "Oiler" football games on Saturday afternoons in the fall when I was in high school. The Oilers were one of the first teams to utilize the "spread, no huddle" offense in the early 1950's. That's why I attended Bowling Green State University and cheer for "THE Ohio State Buckeyes"! GO BUCKS!!
Jim Timonere
I sure miss my time here.
Sephko Super
I love this work! Post it on VeeR! It will be popular!
jeffrey Shunk
Yes, i'll try to come whenever i'm availible!
Seems legit.
ibrahim alomair
A BEAUTIFUL university, city, people, and most of all a great academic institution. Loved my rich experience at The UF, a place I called home for 3 years. And will always do.
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360° Tour of the University of Miami 360° tour of the University of Findlay 1 day ago   01:19

Thinking which university you should attend? Check out this beautiful University of Miami campus and decide for yourself.

Wear VR glasses to fully immerse yourself.

*This video is 360°, which allows you to view every part of this video. Try it out!


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