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Skip Bayless Stunned Giants | [Breaking] Does Le'veon Bell's - At Up-Tube.com

Skip Bayless STUNNED Giants [BREAKING] Does Le'Veon Bell's 5 months ago   11:29

Who wins?
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Ronald Shiffman
Golden Tate will have a better season than OBJ.
JoJo T
they both Beckham and Antonio Brown are just like Terrell Owens, got all the talent in the world,but to much of a bitch to be the best. Beckham is a joke and Brown is a joke
JoJo T
This Tugalugnut, will be a bust in the NFL. My 90 year old grandma could play quarterback in Nick Saban's system.
buckeyeguy 98
Skip is absolutely insane...worst talking head out there!!!
The Big Rodboski
Skip is surprised cause he's an idiot
Shipping a cancer like Becky to another team ? Priceless.
Got rid of all the anthem kneeling trash as well. Go Giants.
i'm waiting to see how well Giants sell tickets after getting rid of OBJ; peppers ain't a slouch tho; so looking forward to see what happens on draft day
Hooray, my Browns have more headaches and talent too big for their briches look Johnny Jackass.
Kevin B
The title says "Skip Bayless STUNNED", yet the entire video is him talking about how he isnt surprised in the slightest lol...
Richard Butrym
Good trade for both teams. You can't say the Giants didn't get a haul for him.
Noah Shaultz
Skip used to love using backpage
Jdor D
Interesting year for football and interesting times for the world....Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way!
Jeff Lott
Wow people still watch skip Bayless r u kiddin me LOL!!
Danny Herron
Why is anyone surprised, he is a cancer in the locker room
Sharkey's End
New drinking game - everyone takes a drink every time Skip slaps the desk. The keg will be kicked within one segment. Sheesh, that's distracting.
Paul Byron
Why is this guy yelling at me?!
grayson 311
2k receiving yards for obj next year
Robert Jones
Why do the Giants still have a the same quarterback?
North Star
Why does chris broussard still talk ghetto. Man come on seriously dude stop faking.
Tom Knapp
Something else about Eli not being great. Eli, Rivers, and Roethlisberger all started at the same time. They are all within 1,500 yards of each other. But, Roethlisberger has almost 800 fewer attempts. Do you think that is bad? Rivers has almost 1,000 fewer attempts. Once again: Eli is not worthy of the HoF.
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[BREAKING] Does Le'Veon Bell's Skip Bayless STUNNED Giants 5 months ago   10:01

✪ Latest News NBA Today: https://goo.gl/nHCuHt
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