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The Master Glass Puzzle | Scam | Solving The One-Of-A-Kind Whiskey Bottle - At Up-Tube.com

The Master Glass Puzzle | Scam Solving The ONE-OF-A-KIND Whiskey Bottle 1 day ago   04:53

Scam Nation
Can these master glaziers beat the king's ring? There are multiple answers, but this is just one!

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Thanks to "Book of Riddles" from Fabrice Mazza and Sylvain Lhullier

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This video made by:
Brian Brushwood
Brandt Hughes
Bryce Castillo
John Rael
Roberto Villegas

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Khalil Magic
Does anybody know the brand of Brian's watch?
The Spook
If you cut it in half and move the pieces together longways then you will only be making one cut. If you do this 3 times then you will be left with 8 thin rectangles.
Chandler Gloyd
just cut the glass into a square spirals with 4 arms as skinny as you want
Mark Mainolfi
Guys, after 8 years of trying to solve these puzzles without the answer, I finally figured one out through my own brain power!!!
vishu singh
i get that thanks to scam nation and brian for increasing my IQ
Kröte nschemel
Here's the good news, that solution works for any square glass size. Here's the bad news, if you'd used that solution for a 2x2 glass, you'd get into legal trouble.
Geo Pen
I just realised...Derek is wearing a Chris Ramsay hat..!!!
Chris Ramsay cap
Love how they advertise a domainservice but still use a Gmail address
Stefan Stoykov
How will the ring pass thru the angles. They are wider than 0.8
Given the rules...it was not stated I had to use all of the glass...
I'd just cut a small 4 x 1/2 inch strip and cut that into 4 pieces of 1 x 1/2 inch strips...
Minor League Gaming
Was out thrifting today, and gandered at the books, and way down at the bottom of the cook books, I find, Patrick B. Sullivan's *Bets You Can't Lose (How to Win Free Drinks and Still Keep Your Friends [With Magic, Puzzles {sic} and Tricks You Can Do With No Skill Whatsoever])*. After wondering why this was with the cook books, I immediately thought of Scam school.

And then an hour after I got home this vid was uploaded, and I was getting ready for work.
Tzisorey Tigerwuf
Immediate thought - cut it into 4 identical spirals of sufficient narrowness to pass through the ring.
Lucien Lacy
Or you can still cut the glass into 4 equal strips then tilt the ring to make an ellipse to slide the strips through. It's the same concept with a 1/2" piece of electrical conduit and a quarter.
Jacob B
I like these short clips, but I miss the longer full episodes of scam school
This won't work with actual glass. You cant cut sharp angles like that in glass.
One I haven't heard of, and my initial thought was correct. That's a first. Yay, ME! LOL
Some Rando
My solution is to cut it into four 1"x4" rectangles, and then heat them until you can bend (one could even say fold) them lengthwise to give you approximately a 1/2"x4" rectangle. Would you buy me a drink for that answer?
Stephen Reynolds
Derek the Destroyer, finally defeated
Nice Chris Ramsay hat Derek ! #ramfam
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Solving The ONE-OF-A-KIND Whiskey Bottle The Master Glass Puzzle | Scam 1 day ago   08:31

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