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Ipad Os Impressions: They Listened! | Apple's New Mac Pro - My Thoughts... - At Up-Tube.com

iPad OS Impressions: They Listened! Apple's New Mac Pro - My thoughts... 3 months ago   08:01

Marques Brownlee
iPad OS (aka iOS 13 for iPad) wholly upgrades my verdict on iPad Pro as a product. And I DIDN'T EVEN MENTION MOUSE SUPPORT! Favorite software update of the year.

The iPad Pro Review: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/A1r_ibDiULx

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iiKxdinex ‘
Who else got an apple ad?

No? Just me? Okay:(
Katy Niño
Aiman.R Google
I believe ipad pro is the best apple product ever
Looking forward to this! I currently use Duet Display to use my iPad Pro as a second screen for my Mac. It works really well and was created by ex Apple engineers, but I wonder if this will be better.
Sepehr Moghani
I hope to see Chrome’s inside app features with iPadOS. If so, I can put my laptop away.
Mr Nom
now i can play clash royale AND search up good decks at the same time. great work apple 👏
Sridhar Parankusham
Hi MKBHD - Have you tried to connect an external keyboard (not the apple Type case) and a mouse to iPad Pro? When I did the same, I see my keyboard is malfunctioning. Please keep us updated if you happen to witness the same issue.
lol i notice my ipad pro is way faster than my X1 carbon 7th gen now.

Facepalm wasted money on the new x1 carbon
prettygurl. hannah!
It’s the same thing as mine ( Ipad x ( 12.5) )
I have 41 subs for some reason
The year was 2019, and one great innovative company invented downloading files to a tablet
Bruce Johnson
Pretty sure I'm going to buy one, thanks for showing me why I would benefit from doing so ❤
Radek Plas
Can i put my hand on iPad while im drawing?
Konstantin Malyugin
I love that you fit so much useful information into an 8min video. Also video and audio quality is top notch. Thank you for such great content.
Chris G.
Normally an Android tablet user here. First iPad ever purchased and no regrets whatsoever, especially with the deals now with the new Pro coming. Thing runs like a dream and especially with the new / current updates running to iOS 13. Getting back into comic book art with this thing as well with the pencil and also awesome coming from a practice Wacom Intuos I use with my Windows box and CorelDraw software.
Luis Martinez
Watching on the best tablet ever made by far. The mighty Amazon Fire HD 10! It will do most of the things that people who buy these overpriced iPads do for a whopping $149.00!!!!
Amazing Sounds124
Is iPadOS coming to the iPad Air 2?
Fallon Ocean
If Apple were smart they’d try to hire you.
Carolina A.
I just upgraded my ipad... I should have waited for the apple event.
Hannah Freeman
Okay but why is it so cheap , I’m confused
karan Racha
Ipad is the future
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Apple's New Mac Pro - My thoughts... iPad OS Impressions: They Listened! 3 months ago   14:42

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