Tribeca Film Festival 2012: Tomer Sisley frappe Thomas 2 months ago   16:38

At the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival, Movie Buzzers sat down with Tomer Sisley, the star of Frédéric Jardin's new film, Sleepless Night. Tomer discusses some of the challenges, his thoughts on portraying a character that differs from Largo Winch and sheds light on his upcoming movie. Sleepless Night is a fun film. You can read our review on it here -

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Thea Mona Brandt
he's very sexy !!!!!!!!!!!!!
joy godfray
Tomer is awesome !!!!   the two largo winch films were best ive seen for a long time cant wait to see sleepless night..........hope he makes many more films, such a hunble actor and one of the best comedians of recent years
Cordula Simon
"running is just running" and "hollywood would need 80 million to make that"? Bahahaha.  Tomer - your honest down-to-earth style is refreshing and hilarious. Keep up the good work. :P
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Tomer Sisley frappe Thomas Tribeca Film Festival 2012: 2 months ago   01:49

Pensant être insulté par Thomas Thouroude, Tomer Sisley provoque une bagarre en plein plateau du Before du Grand Journal
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