Scotland. The Land That Inspired The Highlands 4 months ago   02:45

An exclusive video featuring the inspiring landscapes and landmarks of Scotland accompanied by voiceovers from Outlander’s creators and cast. Hear what they had to say about Scotland at the global premiere interview.

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Would love to visit one day, looks absolutely breathtaking.
lili 52
Magnifique superbe série j’attends la suite
Vera Jonker
0:14 is Geilis dutch?? omg echt geweldig als dat zo is :) :) :)
kathleen kwong
I would love to visit Scotland. I love the sound of the bagpipes.
Lisa Garrett
Maria Iolanda
Estou amando essa Série .
Rosa Morris
Lovely country and his people
Cpr Stat
Schottland ist faszinierend
Giselle L
Scotland is truly magical and beautiful, never has a story like Jamie and Claire pulled my heart strings so much, l just want this to never end 💜💜💜
Sami D
3 years since anyone has visited your wonderful footage of Scotland.... I Wish Upon A Star every night... 😕💗
Gaby Schweizer
Scotland...verry great...👍🍷🙋
Funny that i wanna throttle diana gabaldon for causing jamie & claire near death for every 20 pages book i read
So what is the second piece of music in the begining of this video? I really like it and i would love to be able to know the name of it. +visitscotland
Quero ir pra Escocia encontrar o meu Jamie ♡
Johanna Bakowski
Sonya Breton
Hope one day I will visit my ancester's country....
joann stirton
I agree with most of comments, But season 4 is a different story now isn't it?
sueli sarmento
Este lugar é muito lindo. Gostaria de poder conhecer de perto
Rick Rowan
It is indeed Magical!
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The Highlands Scotland. The Land That Inspired 4 months ago   01:53

Think you know the Highlands? This region in Scotland is not just breathtaking beaches and the Loch Ness Monster - it is also home to the Mountain Bike World Cup, beautiful wildlife and the world's only Malt Whisky Trail. Get to know the Highlands today!
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