LOS ANGELES - CALIFORNIA HD Walking from Venice Beach 2 months ago   19:10

Jacek Zarzycki
Video from Los Angeles. Here you can see all what you need to visit when you going there. Video captured durning my around the world trip.
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Joel Ramirez Hernandez
Oh mai chises 😮
Jorge Palma
Son Los Ángeles California mexico
Norma I M
Los Angeles SUCKS!
Norma I M
I don't know when they shot that but must have been in winter at 6 a.m. There are no places where one can go that doesn't have people Everywhere! Parking is awful ALL the time. Whatever you buy is taxes TOO much. People are rude and everywhere is very crowded.
kim eddy
live here,love it!1
Mauricio Castellon
Such an amazing City!!
5:07 gta san andreas
DZ DZ DZ dz dz dz
Agata S. Da Silva
É possível ouvir o som da cidade.
OfficialMichellemarie 26
Its my dream to live in santa monica
David Allan
David David David David
David Allan
William Koza
There r only afew sites I've been 2 in LA & in Hollywood & Santa Monica hopefully I see others I didn't see on my next trip
Pablo Aguilar
Swaminathan Lalitha
Visited in the year 2006
pearlbeachwave 1
Hate to say this but LA doesn't care about it's huge homeless population. West Hollywood does they help their homeless get off the street. Greedy landlords have ruined California. San Diego is even more breathtaking.
Ma ya
Schmitt Djeson
*18:43** wow, beautiful retro sun.*
hakan kaya
I live in Los Angeles in the game.
Michael Lake
I will go for L.A. next year
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Walking from Venice Beach LOS ANGELES - CALIFORNIA HD 2 months ago   53:41

Venice Beach is a fun place with lots of recreational activities, souvenir shops, and restaurants. Some notable activities are Muscle Beach, Skatepark, Basketball Courts for Streetballers, Handball Courts, Tennis Courts, Volleyball Courts and Bike Trails.
Walked the 2.5-mile boardwalk to reach Santa Monica Pier.

Chris Brown's Undecided Music Video was filmed at Santa Monica Pier.

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