Here's When The Mid-Engine Corvette 10 months ago   05:49

Cars, Costs and Technology
Brand new footage of the 2020 C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Zora at the Nürburgring! We also discuss details of when the C8 Corvette could be unveiled to the public.

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Cars, Costs and Technology
Also, don't forget about "Cadillac's" new twin-turbo V8 that's being built in Bowling Green... I can't help but wonder if that's what we're hearing in this video. Thanks for watching!
Hardie Johnson
Well, we missed January 2019, eh?
Doug Boyer
I’m guessing its going to be revealed at the LA auto show this year, there is not going to be a Detroit auto show in January next year.
What happened to this channel? No vids for four months?
Tony Claggett
The car is well balance!!!!!
Paul Fairchild
There's been lots of fresh C8 news in the 3 months since you posted your video, would be great to get your take on it. Give us an update (please). :-)
great comments! sounds like ur right to me! everything u said makes total sense! i hope ur right...more than that, i hope they got everything right & its not a piece of crap!
Any new info? Thank you
Motor Sportz
Euro corvette...PASS and im a chevy loyalist. Started with the C7 now this trash.
فيصل الذهب
Travis Noland
I agree with you l been thinking the reveal will be January 2019 auto show. I’ve ask a few dealerships and they are saying December of this year . Either way it’s going to be real soon thank GOD !
Jason .C
I’m not so used to the design, but now it’s starting to grow on me. I’m gonna call this the Zora
Marc Hickman
I have an 8-foot spot in my man cave for a pic of this beast. In thinking back to the first Corvette being revealed on January 17 in 1953, I look to see Zora introduced on the same day in 2019...January 17 just happens to be my Birthday, too...maybe that's why I like Vettes...hmm...
No se Quepedo
how much the corvette cost
I know they use fake stuff to cover it up, but man it looks ugly
John Leese
Looks kinda like an Enzo Ferrari
Nicky Chan
New subscriber here! Love your life story and how you finance and carry yourself. You seem like a very humbled car enthusiast. I love your videos and hoping that you won't stop anytime soon!
The Car Review Guys
I live here in Bowling Green KY. If I get any glimpse of one or any information I will be sure to let you know. Soon as they are released I will have more footage than anyone. I had the 1st footage of the ZR1 without camo on it.
William Scalf
Im telling you...There are 2 cars here with two different engines. One turbo'ed v6 and one v8. You can hear it plainly if you know what you are listening to.
a c
Looks like ass
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