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Most Exhausted Fighters In Mma | Biggest Mismatches In Mma - At Up-Tube.com

Most Exhausted Fighters In MMA Biggest Mismatches In MMA 2 days ago   08:24

TheMontageKing MMA
Cardio plays an important role in almost all sports, but its especially important in MMA. This is a list of fighters who fatigued themselves to the point of complete exhaustion, and either gassed out because they gave it their all, or because they decided to skip cardio day.

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Written & Edited by TheMontageKingMMA

Voiced by Mike DelGaudio


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Jared Kilby
Mickey Gall should have been on here
With that “performance” against Sanchez
Dante Baca
Damn mma on point took this man's job
Sam Dilworth
Was Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 a main event on the Card?
Sam Dilworth
Did he really say that to his fighter at 3:32?
Revers Navvy
The one with red hair i thought it was a helmet
Just drink a monster
Hadif Altaf
lol the last one literally killed me 😂
David Spira
5:53 was lutter actually complaining about an early stoppage?
Steve stevenson
Lol black ppl being lazy. No surprise here
First Last
I gassed out 1 minute into this video.
orsos fero
This was showed up for me after the Zabit fight. Hmm...
Billy Bodyslam
Um Dada died he takes the entire list easily. LUL

Then again I guess he could say overall he killed Kimbo in the end permanently.
Shudhanshu Shekhar Mishra
1:38 LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL........Greatest Irony of All Time
asds mil
Man o man that first fight was like two all back pandas were hugging and rolling.
Duzurix Duzurix
I mean....if u name yourself Dada 5000 ...what can ppl realy expect :D :D
ShitTalking Skywalker
Shane Carwin chugged a giant 5 second energy drink
Christian Martinez
Jesus i don't even fight mma but i can probably go three rounds with my cardio. What the fuck are these guys doing?
Henry Gabriel
3:38 Brazilian... I'm one and i can tell you, it was fun
Audio Stuff
WTF..since when can you drink a 5 hour energy before the fight?
god don 1
How dare you put Joe son in your video like it's a joke. Do you know what he did to a women in 1990? Read up on it just Google the cunts name. Fucking prick
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Biggest Mismatches In MMA Most Exhausted Fighters In MMA 2 days ago   10:27

Sometimes heart and determination can overcome skill, but most of the time it doesn't. This is a list of the 5 biggest mismatches in MMA.

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Voiced by Mike DelGaudio

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