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Cardio plays an important role in almost all sports, but its especially important in MMA. This is a list of fighters who fatigued themselves to the point of complete exhaustion, and either gassed out because they gave it their all, or because they decided to skip cardio day.

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Afro Tank
Shane Carwin was ridicolous against brock, he completely gassed out
Blah blah Nlah blah
Football (soccer) uses the most
First Aid Instructor Shah
Conor's last 2 fight should have been mentioned as well
Bdag TheSauceGod
Cardio you mean stamina
long trần
He is gone again.
junior dossantos
Last guy was Hilarious.😂😂😂
Chris L
The next generation of Gracie
I love this f*cking channel
PJ pj
Moral lesson of this video if you're a fighter mma, boxing, kick boxing, muay thai don't skip cardio 😂
Vinicius Antunes
hold up get ur shit straight, his corner didn't say what u translated u lil fuck.
his corner was saying explaining his to block and play it cool.
Im brazilian and they were speaking portuguese
alex anaya
Dada 5000 vs heart
Heart winner by ko
luke nackley
Or in this case... Drugs
Cozy Cool
I saw that fight with the Asian guy Joe Sun the short dumb 5'2 muscles of few burnt himself out carrying that 300lb cross across the arena from the downstairs locker room + he already didn't have any muscles nor stamina !
Generic White Male
he took a sip, he didnt "chug" it
Oleg taktarov vs. Tank abbott was the most exhausted i've ever seen two fighters. It was before there were time limits and the fight went something like 30 minutes straight (i want to say it was at high altitude too) and they could barely manage to grapple and lay on submissions by the end. When it finished they both were laid out in the octagon needing assistance. It obviously wasnt as professional but the early days of the ufc resulted in some really unusual fights!
Kenneth Lopez
“he’s no where near like my stamina”

*slowly falls*
Dada 5000 😂😂😂😂😂
Does this video make anybody else incredibly tired?
James Goat
Also if you have to cut weight and dehydrate yourself it causes fatigue as well
W. Pat Peters
I think they both are dead and gone now. At least Kimbo made some money.
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Most Awkward Moments In MMA Most Exhausted Fighters In MMA 1 day ago   06:50

MMA can be exciting, violent and sometimes awkward. These are list moments that left fans talking about something other than the fight , making them some of the most Awkward Moments In MMA.

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