Life Inside China's Total Exposing China's Digital Dystopian 1 year ago   08:11

Wall Street Journal
China has turned the northwestern region of Xinjiang into a vast experiment in domestic surveillance. WSJ investigated what life is like in a place where one's every move can be monitored with cutting-edge technology.

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νταν νταν
i really was planing to go to china for next weeks ... NO THANKS 👊🖕😜 #privacy has left the chat 😂🖕 soon those ,,eyes,, will read our toughts 😓😢😥 THIS IS A GOVERMENT WET DREAM twist plot : they all look same... WHAT THEY LOOKING FOR ? humanity ? there is nothing left of it 😜🖕🖕🖕
Steph Curry and the NBA don’t mind any of this, as long as they stay quiet on Hong Kong.
M. K.
Do these journalists want terrorism by certain so-called ethnic minorities in the West to happen in China? Try London for a total surveillance state you cannot even speak freely
When the free citizen is monitored more than the imprisoned THAT'S when your government needs replacing
Future smart glasses will no doubt automatically allow the police, or an agent to see color coded personal stats above any person's head.
Herbert Eckhardt
Practice Tai Chi chuan walking and you won't get into trouble lol
Also no skateboarding allowed haaaaaaaaaaa
K Byte
Nobody ask why there was no such policy before. Because they ignore the truth that the terrorist attack caused such policy.
Yuhan Zhang
What they didn’t tell you is that there are more surveillance cameras per person in the US than in China. This is the fact. The tech is based on Mask R-CNN, and its Facebook implementation and even the trained neural network are publicly available:
Good job China..this is a country doing its best to protect the sovereignty of the country, provide safety and avoid future militant and rebellion problems..wish its also like this in philippines CIA,drug addictd,yellowtards and Isis are rampant everywhere
Jax Produktion
China is crazy, ther politics sucks!
Papa Doc
Coming to a World near you, id people dont stand up against the Invaders of the Human Race...
Waheeda Azize
Waheeda Azize
A second palestine....
Austin Koch
My man was just trying to buy some hash bruh
Rich Aliasdude
In light of current events regarding Hong Kong and the NBA, people need to really reconsider whether cheap goods are worth propping up a regime like this.
Thadius Sean
So basically China does not openly and transparently, while America does it covertly.
lil pump
Looks like Next Danger For Tamilnadu.
babalesa harmonie
Wow Lord JÉSUS CHRIST come and bring US home in heaven ,this to bozzard
Phillip Schneider
China is one of the most evil regimes of the 21st century.
EL Grek0
Trump needs to nuke the Chinese government and have the USA take over China.
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Exposing China's Digital Dystopian Life Inside China's Total 1 year ago   27:15

China is marrying Big Brother to Big Data. Every citizen will be watched and their behaviour scored in the most ambitious and sophisticated system of social control in history. Matthew Carney reports.

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