Dirty Jokes In TV Shows You Missed Opponents choose my car in ranked.. and it actually 5 months ago   15:30

Craig Thompson
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lilianna molina
2:40 killed me. Omg hahaha
Killer Zeus
From Madagascar: Oh Sugar Honey Iced Tea. Or Oh S.H.I.T
Allie Churchwell
My childhood is ruined
Jackson Keller
add skip 30:00
Oliver Deacon
Brock, spongebob, indigo league?!!!!
“dont worry professor i was an accident too”

me: hmmmm well i guess that makes two of us
They came here alright -
They came here alright -
Jhony bravo is quagmire
run chilD!
kian kenna
I'm 10 and I got every joke😂😂😂😂
Emanuhel S.
Please kill me
James Bell
Bruh I’m 11 I still understood every single one
Grumpy Monk
Ah, brock, my favorite spongebob character
Spongebob: Hey look dabloons, don’t drop em

Bubu: sounds good
Guinness Gamer
Your Yorkshire accent is amazing
Lilly Berry
can you feel it now Mr. Crabs
GB OliverGaming
(Situation Normal All Fucked Up)
Iziah Dumon
British couple.. Come on then let’s do. Normal couple.. AHHHH AHHHH YES AHHH
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Opponents choose my car in ranked.. and it actually Dirty Jokes In TV Shows You Missed 5 months ago   15:54

Decided I wanted to let my opponents have full control over what car I would use. When on a losing streak, you can only go up!

Today, we're playing 1v1s until I lose. See for yourself, how letting your opponents have the power over your next car choice affects the gameplay. Will I be able to break out of the losing streak and perhaps, start a win streak? Will I flop and fail, or score ceiling shot after ceiling shot and all the 180 and 360 flicks in the world? Or more importantly, will my opponents even be up for it, or will they just be ignoring my name.. I'm talking to you, toxic (salty) opponent in game 3. Imagine if in RLCS, teams could pick the other teams cars, that would be both hilarious and fun. Just think about it, Pro Players like Squishy, Lethamyr, JHZER, Scrubkilla etc. using the scarab or gizmo in RLCS. What do you think?

Next video will again focus dribbles, fakes and more as well as the beloved fails and funny moments. I tried to shift my focus on ball resets, no flips, triple plays and more of freestyling in general, so if I can, I will be releasing a Funny Moments video next.

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