Instagram vs. Reality How to get a Date on Tinder 1 day ago   10:18

You can Instagram filter your face, but you can't Instagram filter your heart.


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Summer W
Mermaid to manatee 😂
Summer W
Lmao 😂 I love you man. This is hilarious 😂
Quincy DeClarke
I fucking love this guy, we'd be best friends lmao
Tennesha Smith
Pure Smarts! Needed to BE SAID!! STAY BLESSED!😇
9:45 when you turn youtube light mode back
Monte Fullflash
I'm of an older gen, so I don't relate to "pics or it didn't happen" - I think sums up the problem

sorry, was too busy doing it to bother with photos/video
Quincy DeClarke
Some how, my chipped tooth doesn't matter any more. Thank you.
It's ok to want to be better but it is not ok to obsess over perfection.
Eastern Jeffy
I’m still broke and sad
Love the onision filter you used.
Josiah Shvartsakh
9:19 *when you look like a pedophile and a human version of elmo at the same time*
0:13 that was a personal attack
Thank you for conveying a wonderful message Ethan. This video might help some people realize that they are heavily influenced by ridiculous standards caused by unrealistic people on Instagram or any other platforms. Also loved the entertainment and how you said, "We are all disgusting." The way you said it actually soothed my soul = )
5:25 is still a pretty nice ass
trust a jew to put shit on jesus and say he'd fuck anything even a meet grinder if it felt ok TYPICAL,,,
Amore C-P
Great video
Fyro Wower
Im ugly. Are you ?
How in the world does this guy have this many followers I am lost?
Reed Allyn
Good video man, but your shirt has to go.
Elektra S
Omg!!!! That’s so crazy! They look so different. I knew about photoshopping stuff and using filters but this is absolutely insane. Aren’t they embarrassed to go out in public if they look drastically different from what they upload on Instagram? I mean, won’t they be embarrassed that someone might tell them that they look very different?
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How to get a Date on Tinder Instagram vs. Reality 1 day ago   12:53

We compete to see who gets more matches on tinder

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