Giving Dolls Tiny Makeovers Barbie Hair 💇 Barbie 8 months ago   14:30

Safiya Nygaard
I found these doll repainting videos and knew that my friend Shane Dawson loves dolls, so we decided to get some Monster High dolls and give them tiny repainting makeovers. We gave them a head-to-toe makeover with wigs, makeup, and clothes. Would you try this??

Check out our collab on Shane's channel!

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FYI, the wigs were alpaca wool.

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Safiya Nygaard
hello friends!!!! here is a very stange video with the one and only shane dawson, where we gave dolls tiny makeovers and DIDN'T MURDER THEM! hope u enjoy! xox
2019 anyone ???

Anna Maria Benedetti
EEEEEEEEEEEE DOLLIGHTFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emma Huang
This is what the internet is made fir... I'm still in 2017.
marilyn glascock
Cuzz shes a killer queen...QUEEN

Anyone 2019
Twin Life
8:19.... As a broke student I’m just saying....What you gonna do with those Faber Castelles?
I’m that girl in school......
That One Fat Cat Named Apollo
By the way you aren't supposed to breath in MSC
Gem Shards
I laughed so hard!!!
kitty cake321
She's like the slip mouth woman but the lumanati slit mouth woman
Karlie James
"You have a tiny cat??"
"No its a dog,"
"Its 2017 it can be both!"

Emma Remendžiutė
Whos still here on 2019? XD me....
Trash Can
Shane’s doll is everything 😂😂👸🏽👸🏽
Heather Taylor
Me and Shane have same idea
Taylor Saucier
Um just saying Mr Super Clear is EXTREMELY toxic to you lungs I’m just looking out for you guys please wear filtration masks next time and yes pleas do this again love you Safyia your awesome pleas don’t think I’m mean your probably one of my favorite YouTubers and make sure to shmash that like button!
Kelsey Fry
Shane’s dill looks like joker
Lann Beauregard
shane yeet it into hell
Leah G
Thats me when when someone messes with me im like, "DIE B****!"
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Barbie Hair 💇 Barbie Giving Dolls Tiny Makeovers 8 months ago   10:30

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