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The Indian government is on its way to changing its citizenship laws. The Citizenship Amendment Bill makes it easier for refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh to, in essence, become Indian. But there is a catch, the new law will exclude Muslim refugees.
Besides the Indian government is standing strong on another key issue: Identifying and repatriating Rohingya Muslims against the urgings of the United Nations, which has stressed repeatedly that conditions in Myanmar aren't safe to return to. India is increasingly taking the line that the Rohingya are not refugees, but illegal immigrants. Hundreds are trying to flee to Bangladesh to avoid detention or deportation. But they're not wanted there either.

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R Monish
This is one of the reasons why we elected this government
Good work but make it fast
Marcella Nachos
😂 Today's media is fighting for islam but they should know that media is considered illegal under Sharia law. Basically they're on a suicide mission too!!
India already lost 1/4 th of the country to muslim during independence . and today a fight is going on in Kashmir state with muslims bcos they wanted an islamic state . why would India again put its head in the same crocodile mouth?
Sinjin Smythe
Yeah ... any refugees that go to India must first be willing to give up the loony doomsday 72 virgins cult and receive psychiatric 'treatment' - or else they don't get in. That makes sense since their loony cult is against secularism ... there fore illegal and treasonous in India.
Why they run from Islamic states, why they want to live in non-muslims countries. We dont like them
Sharp Sharp
These so called Indian Muslims in the end going to destroy India ye nasl kisi ki sagi nhi hoti
Sharp Sharp
netar sharma
Well I see hinduphobia here
Ron Raj
Kalistan nahi bnana Pakistan ki help se??? Shame on Sikh how has this mentality.
Naresh Reddy
India will not allow terrorists
Manas Surya
This is something Germany should have also done. Stop poking your nose in other countries business and fix your own home.
Kkk K
I am only worried about millions of illiterate Hindus of India, who would pay a big price who would be paying a big price, if Muslims are allowed into India as refugees. Because it will start an avalanche of Muslim refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh , Myanmar and Afghanistan, And it will create a situation where existing citizens will have to compete more for the meager livelihood available in this over populated country - India. There are already millions of Bangladeshis illegally living in India. Not to mention, millions of Nepalese who are legally allowed to live and work in India. Yet Hindu- India is a tolerant country, where there are hundreds of religions and sects who still enjoy all privileges of the majority and also special privileges to Minorities, incorporated in the constitution. I therefore do not support a Bill which gives right to Muslims to come to India as refugees, and disagree with this report.

Now a little bit history:-
India got her independence due to sacrifices of millions of Indian Hindus, and a handful of Muslims, where as, the history says that, 99% of Muslims of that time in India wanted partition and creation of Pakistan. In other words the Partition was intended to make a Muslim Pakistan and an India without Muslims. The whole scenario changed due to the interference of Mahatma Gandhi and Hindus are now paying big price for their tolerance in democratic India. If you follow the developments in India, one can understand that majority of Indian Muslims are anti-India, and anti-Hindu and will do anything to undermine India as a nation.

In this context therefore, my view is that Indian constitution should be changed as soon as possible to make India a Hindu Republic,, where all Indians are equal irrespective of their religion, caste or region or mother tongues. At the same time a strongly confirmed and proved Hindu leader should be the PM, President, all Chief Ministers, Chief and other Justices and all Generals. A large number of nations following this type of constitution.

There is nothing wrong in changing the present Constitution, because it has already been changed hundreds of times. In my opinion the most dangerous one was by then PM Indira, when she amended the constitution after emergency which changed the basic characteristic of the constitution - the 42nd amendment - and the starting point is to repeal this amendment with immediate effect.
gaurav goyal
Muslim already take pakistan and bangladesh, so our government exclude only sunny muslims. Ahmadiyas, Sufi, and Shiya maybe welcome. And your correspondence presenting false facts, will UK or other European country accept illegal 30 million people. You just want india to give citizenship to 30 million muslim refugee because we are a secular country. So why don't Australia should do that we are already have enough population, instead making video like this you should ask Australian government to arrange settlements for these cute muslims
Syd Adnan
This is painful to watch
nitz vision
Religion was good for human ..but now all religion are cancer
Himanshu Sirohi
Because there are more than 54 Muslim Countries while India is only country with Hindu Majority.
Abhishek Rajpurohit
We must not allow more refuge because they after some time come in minority and ask for reservations
no one will get citizenship
Karan Aryan
Good move by GoI .Secular does not mean forget about your culture and care for others .
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