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24 Hours Overnight Inside A Giant | Last To Spill Wins On Worlds - At Up-Tube.com

24 Hours Overnight inside a GiANT Last to Spill Wins on WORLDS 9 months ago   19:15

Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo did the 24 hour challenge overnight at the Game Master bubble safehouse to rescue Matt after he was hypnotized.

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Last time Rebecca Zamolo uploaded Hacker said YES to EVERYTHING I Say for 24 Hours! (Game Master Challenge) and Matt and Rebecca posted He Took Off His
Mask! (True identity After 24 hour Challenge Face Reveal of Game Master) Today, Matt is Hypnotized by the new game remote we need to get him to the #gamemaster safe house bubble. When Daniel, Matt and Rebecca arrive they need to unlock the security door and make sure no drones are flying. After they enter they realize Q is still missing. Daniel decides to hack into the bubble overnight before it turns into a 3am challenge. They search for clues to uncover the secret to how it works but learn how to make DIY fluffy slime instead. Rebecca tries the yoga challenge when you decide through instagram and choose their next position. After the pizza delivery person arrives Rebecca facetimes Daniel who tells her not to let Matt play with the remote. It could pause the challenge and they will have to start #the24hourchallenge from the start. Can she get Matt back to normal? She will need to Rescue Matt before he won’t wake up from the gamemaster. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Find Rebecca!
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rebeccazamolo/
Twitter https://www.twitter.com/rebeccazamolo

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Rebecca Zamolo songs
Rebecca Zamolo game master series
Rebecca Zamolo musically
Rebecca Zamolo slime

24 Hours https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjKqtOxLDxcwjLB5Peqqezb_YWVg8db1g

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Last to Spill Wins on WORLDS 24 Hours Overnight inside a GiANT 9 months ago   10:13

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