Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs Ford Mustang Ford Raptor vs Ram Runner! - Head 2 months ago   08:35

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On this episode of Head 2 Head, Chevrolet's new 2012 Camaro ZL1 faces off against the reigning champion of the pony cars, Ford's 2012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca Edition Mustang. Pro race driver Randy Pobst hot laps both cars around Inde Motorsports Ranch in Willcox, AZ to find out which modern muscle car reigns supreme.

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Shane Singleton
The mustang is also quite a bit less expensive. Could argue that you can roll that savings into a better brake upgrade. But when you start talking about what you "could" do with upgraded this or that it moots the point of the true stock head to head. I've watched a few of these reviews and (spoiler alert) the 2013 GT500 showed similar against the 2012 ZL1 Camaro. Even with tons more power the brakes still let it down. I've never been a Mustang guy (although I have owned one at one time) but I really wish they would have put better brakes and ditched the solid rear axle on the Mustang sooner than they did. I can't vouch for the GT500 from an owner's prospective but my 2013 ZL1 is a great daily. I traded up from a 2012 SS and everything I liked about the SS Chevy just turned up the volume on in the ZL1. And added a touch of refinement and technology on top. An interesting observation though, is that the SS felt a little snappier out of the initial roll into the throttle. Probably because it doesn't have to spin up that supercharger. I still think the SS is a better value than the ZL1 for most people though having owned both. My own opinions. Your mileage may vary,
Cody Mccormick
That's the 2012 Ford did not make a boss Laguna in 12 just 13 I'm a huge Ford fan plz get it right
Meme Patrol
A boss 302 vs a zl1 wtf?
David R
The Ford Ponytail need some Hey in front of its nose to get it hopping going , lol. .
Corbin Hill
How is this fair??? Na 5.0 engine races top of the line supercharged camaro...... what a bunch of idiots
Jerry Sowders
Camaro got it all ,handling , power , comfort.
Conservative Minuteman
Just like I though, a Chevy commercial.
Tommy Yang
Camaros have always handled better than mustangs. My 91 z28 handled a lot better than my 01 gt. My 01 gt is all over the road when you hit bumps because of the solid rear axle.
Johannes Eckerström
Drain Boi
I know one thing, the Mustang has the style points.
Pro Viper
That's still sad tho 2 sec difference between a n/a motor and a supercharged engine is pathetic
Russell Mostrom
Consider the zl1's power, active magnetic suspension, huge breaks VS the modest n/a 5.0 with factory suspension and brake setup being only 2 seconds behind is outstanding! That tells me with some suspension and brake tweaks it'd be neck and neck even with the power handicap...
Conner Cvelbar
I'm thinking the ZL1 is going to beat out the Mustang.
Ethan Daniels
Stop arguing we know the Toyota Prius is the best
Hugo S
Great video! I like the Mustang more, though not this one. More so the 2015 to 2018. But the 2018 Camero is great too! I just prefer the lower waistline of the Mustang, the more angular front end, and the lower front hood.
The Real Brendon
Love borh
Rickus Grobler
For the price difference you can supercharge the mustang and upgrade the brakes
דניאל אלון
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Uhhhhh boss shelby I think is more apples to apples
cool gus
I think that it was not unfair, mustang chose not to supercharge the boss 302, camaro did, it is a battle of who can make the better car
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On this episode of Head 2 Head, Motor Trend's Mike Febbo and off-road racer Joe Bacal head to the desert to pit the Ford Raptor against the Ram Runner. Find out which high performance prerunner tames the tarmac and destroys the dirt the best!

Head 2 Head appears every fourth Wednesday on the Motor Trend channel.

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