Top 10 Most Expensive Actor's Mansion Top 10 Most Expensive Sports Legend's 1 year ago   05:21

Top 10 Actors and celebrity Mansion Home : Here is the list of top 10 most expensive and lavish homes and mansions of some of the richest actors and celebrities in the world. These Celebrity Mansions are luxurious as well as lavish
The richest Celeb Home / Celebrity Home include the homes of following actors
Brad Pitt
Tom Cruise
Adam Sandler
Will Smith
Tom Hanks
Sylvester Stallone
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Leonardo DiCaprio
Clint Eastwood
John Travolta

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Just Tom Hanks lives in the presence and how not copied past time "styles" ! Just shows the "spirit" of them ! At least Brad Pitt bought some old houses, which is one thing, but building nowadays like some hundred years shows the lack of acknowledgement of Art History and the respect for REAL things.
It is like going to a car dealer asking for top high tech car in the body of a 1938 car or a computer in the shape of a Singer sewing machine..... Some old book (bible) said : a pig with golden ring in the remains a pig ! Culture is something developed , not something bought , it is not decoration.
Tess Okoye
It's really sad. No one should live like that when there are babies searching through trash for food.
oh, very big house
Steven Jonas
What a waste of resources as California burns
dana fisher
stop going to their shit movies. grab a fucking brain you stupid lemmings.
I'm a deplorable, living in an apartment and driving a small car. My carbon footprint is a tiny fraction of these hypocritical, Hollyweird intelligence operatives and their phony globalist "green" agenda.
The Pixalator
They seen Adam Sandler coming with that price!!
Kalo Arepo
I bet a lot of these celebrities are the ones who are telling us to reduce our carbon emissions as they make the climate warmer!Hypocrites!!!
I live in an apartment and I don’t tell you how to vote or not to drive cars like the Liberal Hollywood assholes do.
Paul Bouchier
Pittas Savvas
They are all crap homes, I have a 3 bedroom home on a Great Greek Island and the views of the sea are incredible, not to mention the sunset and sunrise!! You can keep your million dollar jails.
Konga 5000
Um, Adam Sandler doesn't really fit in with the rest- does he ?
Dunder Mifflin
A lot of people in the comments are saying they are happy when no one even said that they aren’t happy, which is making me think that they aren’t really happy 😂😂
Heather MJ Farrell
OMG donate your money to charities
william straughan
they take the interest they make off there money to buy these homes so the homes don,t cost them shit
David Richardson
These idiots don’t even have the facts straight. Travolta’s house is in Florida, not Bel Air. Moron who recklessly slapped this together must be some bimbo intern that’s semi attractive with a 70 IQ (why she got hired) Couldn’t get past #10.
Patrick Farrell
Insane . The overhead to live in one of these has to be insane. The Gardener probably makes $60 k a year.
Jane Turner
Might be worth millions but they are so ugly.
Ian Sharp
Do you mean Actors' Mansion Homes?
yes many fought in wars yet come home treated like crap and a actor lives like this ,right
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Top 10 Most Expensive Sports Legend's Top 10 Most Expensive Actor's Mansion 1 year ago   05:38

Athletes Mansion Home | Top 10 most Expensive Sports Legend Mansion Home Celebrity Mansion Home
by Top10List. BILLIONAIRE Mansions - The Luxurious MANSIONS of Billionaires!This is the List of these celebrities.
David Beckham West London Mansion
Tiger Woods Mansion Jupiter Island Mansion
Michael Jordan Jupiter Estate
LeBron James Los Angeles Mansion
Michael Schumacher Lake Geneva Villa
Derek Jeter Florida Home
Barry Bonds Beverly Park Mansion
Greg Norman Florida Mansion
Alex Rodriguez Maiami Beach Home
Anna Kournikova Miami Beach Mansion

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