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David Wong

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He believes in today's Antifa America, that makes you a Nazi!!
"I believe in America." The irony...
Hama Sarwar
If that is not best scene in cinama history then cinama is bs.
2019 and for ever
that puffed cheek look was a genius move by brando. many older italians get that for some reason and have the big jawline. i always wondered why don corleone no shit looked similar to my grandfather. i guess thats why
Roman Krajewski
Great scene, Top movie. Brando.
Lu Villan
Talk about an intro to a movie
Kate C
He still fine as hell🤣
Kaivalya Suthra
If they would have done the same to Connie then Vito would have indeed murdered them.
It's theoretically possible to watch most of The Godfather on YouTube for free just by piecing together all the various clips and avoid paying the $2.99 full release. Or you could just watch it on Christmas Day when AMC plays I and II all day!
James Page
It's wine that they gave him fuck nut. Really. They are not fucking Irish they are fucking Italians. Hello. Withdraw moron .
German Lopez
Loosely based on Fredo Cuomos family
a hack's progress
The starting music itself brings goosebumps....
Katayoun Ahoo
This movie I saw more than 100 times still i want to watch it again.....but look at movie these days even you can’t watch it one time...
I always thought Brando’s motions when he slapped his visitor in the face and said “:you can act like a man” was a bit too much. I thought his movements as an actor were very abrupt and maybe out of character. The sudden movement and the raise if his voice always makes me think that this was when Brando hadn’t nailed down the character quite yet since I believe it was filmed in sequence. Maybe I’m wrong I don’t know...
Rui Cabral
vidit shirke
What a masterpiece of acting. Everything is perfect. The light work, camera work, the silence when they speak, everything is kept in mind while they made this movie.
Pure class.
wahh Taoo
Aamaliyah Khan
Listen to the cat purring omg
After dans carleone's company that cat is now a tiger
This movie is not just movie it’s war
Mind , crime , attitude , Love , Respect
Κώστας Ξενιτόπουλος
Ρέ παιδιά, μόνοι σάς πέφτετε σέ αντιφάσεις. Αφού οί παπάδες, λέτε πως είναι "αδερφαίς", πώς κάνουν παρτούζες. Καί αφού κάνουν παρτούζες, πώς λέτε ότι είναι ανέραστοι;! Έξ ιδίων κρίνεται τά αλλότρια;!
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