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Depeche Mode Tour Of The Universe | Depeche Mode Ft The Cure - It's - At Up-Tube.com

Depeche Mode Tour of the Universe Depeche Mode Ft The Cure - It's 1 day ago   2:01:14

Oleg Sva
01. In Chains
02. Wrong
03. Hole To Feed
04. Walking In My Shoes
05. It's No Good
06. A Question Of Time
07. Precious
08. Fly On The Windscreen
09. Jezebel
10. Home
11. Come Back
12. Policy Of Truth
13. In Your Room
14. I Feel You
15. Enjoy The Silence
16. Never Let Me Down Again
17. Dressed In Black
18. Stripped
19. Behind The Wheel
20. Personal Jesus
21. Waiting For The Night

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Alvaro Zavala

Tracklist (AutoPlay):
00:01:40 «In Chains» (Sounds of the Universe, 2009)
00:08:05 «Wrong» (Sounds of the Universe, 2009)
00:11:50 «Hole to Feed» (Sounds of the Universe, 2009)
00:16:02 «Walking in My Shoes» (Songs of Faith and Devotion, 1993)
00:22:21 «It’s No Good» (Ultra, 1997)
00:27:45 «A Question of Time» (Black Celebration, 1986)
00:32:09 «Precious» (Playing the Angel, 2005)
00:36:53 «Fly on the Windscreen» (Black Celebration, 1986)
00:42:28 «Jezebel» (Sounds of the Universe, 2009)
00:47:15 «Home» (Ultra, 1997)
00:53:55 «Come Back» (Sounds of the Universe, 2009)
00:59:50 «Policy of Truth» (Violator, 1990)
01:05:03 «In Your Room» (Songs of Faith and Devotion, 1993)
01:10:29 «I Feel You» (Songs of Faith and Devotion, 1993)
01:16:34 «Enjoy the Silence» (Violator, 1990)
01:23:49 «Never Let Me Down Again» (Music for the Masses, 1987)
01:32:12 «Dressed in Black» (Black Celebration, 1986)
01:36:21 «Stripped» (Black Celebration, 1986)
01:41:40 «Behind the Wheel» (Music for the Masses, 1987)
01:46:55 «Personal Jesus» (Violator, 1990)
01:53:27 «Waiting for the Night» (Violator, 1990)
Ma laine
the voice of Dave Gahan never gets old.
Imitadora de Lady Gaga
Астемир Балкаров
отличное шоу, голос Дэйва показался слегка осипшим, но он выложился,как всегда, на 100%. Ему можно простить всё за удовольствие слушать эти неповторимые, не банальные песни.Спасибо Мартину и Дэйву!!!!!
Юрий Алексеевич
Лучшее что я слышал и видел Depeche Mode!
Yanina Sanchez
1:06:43 el cartel!!! Jajaja esa persona seguro es argentina!!! Alto temazo!
real pros
Nestor Siradze
Haydée Flores
Larga vida Depeche Mode.
fabio malfi
Drums is too low
JB Studio
Лучший концерт DM
El Mat
The best band alive? 🤔
Евгений Савицкий
Great performance! Thanks for the video.
too much ad
Renato da Rocha
dR dRaMos
Rafael Nakahodo
Volando ahora con depeche 2019/5/23/1:57 am.. nada más!!!
Fernando Castoldi
Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro mix reworked) Konzentrationslager Auschwitz
09. Jezebel
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