2004 Advance Auto Parts 2007 Budweiser Shootout 2 months ago   2:05:25

part two

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Awesome race to watch ty
What the finish would look like if it was under the 2017 race starts.
Arturo Vasquez
This was in the NBC Intro! 1:58:53
Gene Kipp
I found a great site with some Real Good links on the "Categories" page in the vehicle section..:)!
Yeshua Man
Give Jeff his spot back 4 what? Dale seen that rock and kept dodging it and waiting 4 them 2 throw a caution. Jeff didn't so it was his fault. Even if Jeff did get his spot back he would've probably fell back to 6th with the damage on his car. Jimmie probably would have won if had pitted and it was his fault. It's just as Rusty said "I know the 24 and 48 was tough but hey we're in victory circle." Rusty had a strong car, he came from 17th to win and Bobby from 33rd to 2nd. Way 2 go Rubberhead!
Way to go Wild Blue number 2!!! This sure was a great race and I still remember it to this day.
Marlin's face when he gets hit by the ice is hilarious...
I've been looking for this for about 6 months! Finally!
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