Model A Hot Rod keeps eating distributors.. EPISODE 103 Tuning Classic Car with 1 day ago   14:52

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Still finding surprises from the original "builder"

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love how we listen to the same music doing the same thing haha. I'm 13 years old. i bought a 53 ford customline. turning it into a led sled.
Joe Albert
Saw a lot of "swaptronics" but no actual testing. My guess is you now have a large stock of good coils. You need a voltmeter and/or a scope to find your actual problem.
need to swap that setup out and install a msd PN 6014
Ratsnest Hotrods
Great vid Matt! Glad u found the problem
David Waskiewicz
Need to run that ground to the engine, the wire to frame and body will solve a lot of issues.😁
greg work shop
hi there no f....k good .i had one in a car i had and it run like shit.
greg work shop
hi like the green ford
Distributor woes, you and me both! Drove our 57 over 900 miles round trip to the Tri Five Nationals last week and broke down for the first time ever, just like turning the key off! First thought was out of gas even though the unreliable gauge showed 1/4 tank and our odometer said we had another 35 miles in the safe zone. Well 5 gallons of gas with help from some locals and 1 hour later still no start! Got gas, got air, must be spark?...yep, had a hole burnt in the rotor pick up contact and burnt cap around the coil button. Another 2 hours later, new cap, rotor and coil and we were on the road. Local car and bike people are the greatest...oh yeah, never put a HEI in a tri-5!! room against the firewall! LOL
Bugger...I thought NASA were the ones with ground control issues.!
dan westerberg
the bright side of the wiring mess is you didnt have an electrical fire and a carbecue .....
Curtis File
Go hei distributor, like a dui and you’ll have no problems!
Tom Krause
Did the builder of that car ever see a car in person, or even look at pictures of a properly built car? Who angles shocks out at the top? Maybe he was dyslexic, or saw things in reverse? And those frame welds.....yikes.
I’ve killed two or three Pertronix modules and a couple Mallory modules by welding or boosting with battery charger without unhooking module during. I’m convinced that’s the trouble. Did that on the Firebird a few times.
Peter Briel
Check your alternator output , regulator might be spiking voltage burning the distributor .
Kevin Aloisio
Ground the block
I think the shoebox did it because it wanted more drive time. lol :-P
I am glad you got it sorted out. :-)
How bad is the shoe riding just on bags and no shocks? Alot of knee jerk reaction? Better or worse when fully inflated?.
Joe Albert
A voltage drop test would have pointed you to a bad ground right off the bat.
Joe Albert
Swap-tronics isn't really fixing anything. Once you had two different coils on it and didn't fix the problem, you should realize that the problem isn't the coil. You need to do some basic electrical troubleshooting with a voltmeter.
Matt is pretty sharp.
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EPISODE 103 Tuning Classic Car with Model A Hot Rod keeps eating distributors.. 1 day ago   19:53

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