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Joseph Zao
Letter to Tanzania

Should Virginia be allowed to tour Africa? NO! see Rosie Greer, Montpellier Slave purchased by John Kohler Jeanes for $3,000,000 so he could "Kiss" his cock as a Jefferson Jew in Virginia

I have testified before the Senate, House and House and Ways Committee on the "REAL TIME" dollars of VIRGINIA (see Valerie and Val Hawkins, Duke Street Alexandria, Wharton Biz)

Natural Philosophy or Natural Selection would never get near Virginia for Love or Money. Virginia is married as Satan for witness in Church or State. Virginia is a true Bastard in genealogical research in all nations as well, Africa.
Why would America or any nation defend the Virginia Politic or Religion?
Susan Gialano
Ugly nasty untastefull paint color
Charlie Honig
Truly a great person in every sense of the word.
I wouldn't mind living during that time if they had electricity, plumbing, electric heat, air conditioning, automobiles and possibly air travel, but I would settle for a train.
Teela Tequila
5th and 6th grade used to go there on field trips. If you ever get the chance to come to the Washington DC area visit all the sites there are a lot of things about history and Washington DC and outside of Washington
Benny D
I’ve actually been there once on a field trip whilst attending Burnt Mills Elementary School back in the late 90’s. Looking back, I can say that I’ve been inside the home of America’s 1st president🤗.
Isaak Mercado
Sabrina Dugan
I was there in 1972, we were not allowed on the upper floors...they told us that the wood was not strong enough to support all the weight. At that time, they were in the process of restoration. The stable area did not look like it does in this was shabby and cluttered. However, the scene over the Potomac was as beautiful as it is today.
Adenilson Souza
I love you América!!!!
Polo Life
Fuck these white people..
George Vreeland Hill
God bless this place and all of American history.
roselyne arab
c,est un endroit merveilleux je l,ai vu 3x fois
jesus seoane
Mount Vernon was name after English Navy Commander Vernon, George Washington brother participate in the battle of Cartagena de indias 1741 in which England put together the biggest naval fleet, 192 ships to take the city port of Cartagena, defended by 3000 thousands Spaniards , the campaign was a disaster for the English 35 000 infantry soldiers,17 000 deaths and the lost of 50 ships,
Me Me
12:05 is the time he recognizes slaves lived there as well. You guys need to stop talking so much negative talk and listen to the whole story first. Grow Up People.
George Polasky
Most interesting. Wonderfully narrated. Great job.
David n morris morris actor
The slaves kept up his Plantation while he was away but then after the Revolutionary War he begin to think otherwise about slavery
Who painted those rooms?!...
Sky Henry Blue
November. 10. 2018
Miss Daisy
Cannot help wondering where all the money came from to afford such grandeur called Mount Vernon?
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Illinois Adventure #1701 "Ulysses Mount Vernon - Home Of George 2 days ago   05:12

The Italianate structure known as the U. S. Grant Home was built in 1859-60 as a residence by Alexander J. Jackson of Galena.

The Grant Home site includes several small mid-19th century homes comprising the three-block "Grant Home Historic Neighborhood." "Grant State Park," a tree-shaded area south of the Grant Home has picnic tables for public use. Also in the park is the Long House, a log building constructed ca. 1851 and moved to the site from Elizabeth, Illinois in 1976, representing a typical settler's home of mid-nineteenth-century Jo Daviess County.

Visitors are provided with an interpreter-conducted tour of the Grant Home. Interpreters are dressed in historic costumes from April through October. The tour emphasizes Grant as the victorious war leader, the 1868 candidate for president, and the eighteenth President of the United States. The adjacent building contains exhibits on Grant's life and history of the Grant Home. The first floor of the Home is accessible to persons with disabilities, as are the exhibit room and restrooms in the building next door. The Home's second floor is not accessible.