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Help Me Smash Daniel's Iphone | 24 Hours Inside My Car And Overnight In Abandoned - At Up-Tube.com

Help Me Smash Daniel's iPhone 24 Hours inside my Car and Overnight in Abandoned 8 months ago   14:07

Matt and Rebecca

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After Rebecca Zamolo created We went through Daniel’s CAMERA ROLL for 24 hours and FOUND This… (Game Master spy hacker is a liar), Matt and Rebecca uploaded Is Game Master Spy Hacker a Liar? (Ninja Lie Detector Test on Daniel to Find the Truth) we needed to open the box that was left in the mysterious location by the pirate battle ship. We also found DNA evidence of Rebecca's hair in the tree house. Could this be another 24 hour challenge overnight at 3am to find the clues? Maybe its just a $10,000 who wins challenge. After we went through Daniel's camera roll we decided it was a bad idea. When we started to unbox the haul a member of the quadrant walked in. He Wanted to play another challenge. This one is do not smash the wrong mystery box just like CWC or Chad Wild Clay with Daniel from Exposing Project Zorgo. We all had to choose an item, Rebecca chose my glasses, I chose Rebecca's make up and the quadrant decided on Daniels iPhone. I thought his phone was missing. We lost him for a second just like the gamemaster. The mysterious man is in a hidden secret location in an abandoned underground tunnel passageway. We need to confront Daniel soon and maybe reveal his mask. Perhaps we can save him and put him through a lie detector test! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Find Matt @Mattslayss

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Matt and Rebecca
Should we trust Daniel? It isn't looking good right now. Let us know what we should do and what the next challenge should be!
Zebragirl Walsh
Mission complete
zoya akhtar
mission complete
Mitchell JaQuency
Mission complete
Gobble Gobble
I have glasses 👓 and only one pair
A L Barão Lopes
I have 2 pairs of glasses 👓 👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓
Sherry Randhawa
"Mission complete "
Fairygirl Withlove
I have 14 pairs of glasses
Shaizar Khyum
Mission accomplished or complete
Monica Cocilion
Mission complete
julie azua
I feel so bad for all of u but i love u
kalli Hobbs
I have one pair for sports and one for everyday
Camila Noboa
This is how many people like Rebbeca and Matt
Camila Noboa
Mission complete
Savanna Cook
I love u guy
Amy Prochowski
You I do
alaa eldin abd elmegeid
Mission complete
Plug Watch
It’s not your hair it is rz twin hair.
marilyn kleckner
l wera Glass and l have 3 pard
Rainbow Unicorn
Mission complete
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24 Hours inside my Car and Overnight in Abandoned Help Me Smash Daniel's iPhone 8 months ago   13:08

We Found the Game Master's House! New Evidence Exploring Secret Hidden Underground Tunnel - https://up-tube.com/upvideo/RQ1y3iwcaut
For this 24 hour challenge I had you decide what I do in my car for 24 hours. I put out polls on my Instagram and you decided everything from what fast food I should eat, to what overnight challenge I should do at 3am. I found a haunted mystery forest that seemed abandoned and you voted if we should open the mini van door and see real ghost sightings. The giant ball pit in the back seat was fun to play games and do your dares in. I hope you enjoyed our big reveal of our secret hidden location at the end of the video!

The reason I started this challenge was because challenged by Billy Leblanc from Bratayley (who is the dad of sisters Annie Leblanc and Hayley Leblanc) to spend 24hrs in my mini van after pranking them with a giant ball pit in their car. I put polls out on my IG stories to see what my ZamFam wanted me to do.

The first game we played after we loaded up our car was carpool karaoke where you guys had to guess the songs we were dancing to. You guys picked which fast food we would eat for lunch. We drove up to a drive through to prank them based off your suggestions. Matt and I both had to do hilarious and funny pranks.

Once we arrived at our secret hidden location I made a giant ball pit and you decided on IG stories what I did inside it. You wanted us to drive to a haunted abandoned forest at 3am which was my least favorite part of the 24hrs.

In the morning we revealed our big announcement! We are so excited for this new chapter of our lives.

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