One Month Baby Update! TRY NOT TO CRY CHALLENGE 2 months ago   14:26

Colleen Ballinger
I can't believe Flynn is already one month old!

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Alyson Martinez m
Hiiiiiiiiiiii Flynn
Michelle M
maybe he's color blind that's why he liked black and white so much
Marlene González-Ruiz
Uh...I was born 1 MONTH early.I SWEAR Im not lying.I was supposed to be born in December but I was born in November 3,2006 and now Im 12...and I had to stay in the hospital for almost a MONTH in a like,glass box that had breathing tubes so I could breath because my lungs were kinda not working right.But thank god I dont have asma and Im healthy.
Imogen Smith
Cuteness overload 🥰😍💋
Deb Lichtenfeld
I mean burper
Deb Lichtenfeld
he's your son no wonder he's a good burner he's your son ( thats not suppose to be mean!!!!)
Ella Chisholm
Ella Chisholm
Ware dose jojo siwa
Ava George
he's so cute!!!!! we have the same birthday !!!!!! lol
Candace Marie
Paige Sherman
You should play Elvis and the Beatles
Sameera Jahan
I love his cute smile
Caroline Watts
I am so excited to watch him grow up
Narnia Lives
It's so cool that Flynn has blue eyes, with a parent with brown eyes, it's only a 1/4 chance. So... Yee. It's cool.
Bella Teresa
Of course you showed a clip of him crying during tummy time 😂
Katie Count
Your awesome
Sameera Jahan
God bless your cut baby boy Masham allah
Sounds like an angel and definitely looks like one too. xx
Caitlin IH

stop hacking 22
All of this is my sister's baby Asher Floyd Does All Of These But We Do Not Put Him On The Floor Because We Have A Lot Of Dog's So We Can Not Put Him On The Floor And When You Told Us That He Was Going To Be Born January 1st And Asher Was Going To Be Born On January 1st
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TRY NOT TO CRY CHALLENGE One Month Baby Update! 2 months ago   04:57

Apparently I'm heartless.

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