2002 NAPA Auto Parts 2000 NASCAR Winston Cup Series 1 day ago   2:31:55

winston cup racing @ fontana.

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German lesson of the day: Handschuh=hand shoe=glove
Matt Fancher
Amazing how rookies could win 3 races back then now the rookie of the year finished below 20th in points lol
Andy Hensley
Dale Jr's first of 6 concussions. Sad. But he's safe in the broadcast booth.
Dakota the PBS and Breaks Fanatic 2002
I Actually have the same Recording as this one!
chris r
And a monster was born.
Nice racing there thanks
Diego Garcia
Really stupid move by harvick there
Aaron Russell
The 2002 NAPA Auto Parts 500-Jimmie Johnson's 1st Cup Series race win.
Jacob Appleby
2002 - Wins his first race.
2016 - Wins his 7th Championship.
And so it begins! I remeber watching this saying "dang he's pretty good, wonder how well he'll do in the years to come."
paul lilko
Larry mac didn't know what spongebob was lmao
Nowadays at Fontana taking fuel only would be anything but a race winning move.
I appreciate these videos so much, but if you guys are running this through a video editor anyway couldnt you adjust the levels and raise the volume?
Cj Buford
2:10:20 thats one of the hardest hits ive ever seen
Chris Kreager
Jimmie Johnson's first win and Greg Biffle's first race- whatever became of those guys?
No Dale Earnhardt Jr, interview?
I live in Virginia so the La Plata earthquake news was flashing all over this race at the bottom as I was watching it.
I actually would have never guessed that Johnson would have gotten five in a row, but I always thought that Jimmie would have gotten a couple and Jeff would have claimed 2 from him. I liked him better as a champion-to-be, a 5-timer winning 5 in a ten race stretch just seems cheap.
It's funny how much people were cheering when he won and now a lot of people don't like him. I kinda like him but he's one of the big reasons that NASCAR sales have gone down in the past years
Diego Ospina
The begins of a menace called Jimmie Johnson.
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2000 NASCAR Winston Cup Series 2002 NAPA Auto Parts 1 day ago   2:27:03

The 3rd nighttime running of the Pepsi 400.