Glee - Faithfully (Full Performance When I Look At You 1 year ago   02:36

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Episode: Journey To Regionals

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I miss, Cory, so much. January 2020 anyone?
Glee season 1 is the one show the helped me to learn about myself, and accept me for who i am :) Thanks you Glee for everything
Raylene Valencia
Fuck I love this 😭 I repeat the ending so many times
Farjana Rahman
Aw the way finn looked at rachel then music played
2:02 rachel constantly walks while hitting high notes how tf
Loecy thevoicetalent
❤Glee ❤
Cory is like a tower. Miss Cory & Mark. RIP
Just MySelf
2020.. I love and miss Glee
and Cory so much. 🥺💔
Bethany Adams
When ppl say that ambers better than lea 🤣😭
Oliver Soares
Rachel's voice reminds me Dolly Parton
maolin carl Valencia
Missing Glee
Joli Secuya
Alison Barr
I love and miss Glee
Kirstine Ocao
December 2019 ya'll
Maria Victoria Garcia Rivas
that s all love in one smile
Ana G
Can we take a minute to appreciate Rachel’s hair?
im watching this as im on the half of season 4 seeing rach in new york, its crazy how much she changed over the seasons
Nathy Ribeiro
I hated Finn, but Cory was such a sweet bean. I watched an episode on ID about his death and gosh I cried so much. Sometimes I watch The Quarterback just so I can cry(I know I'm weird) 🥺
Margaret Riney
Lea's voice is unmatched
Lish Lealuga
Can’t hold back my tears while watching this😭😭😭 best dual ever in my book😘
Funny Lady
Rest In Peace
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When I Look At You Glee - Faithfully (Full Performance 1 year ago   04:14

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