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Top 20 Best Cinderella Movies | A Cinderella Story Once Upon - At Up-Tube.com

Top 20 Best Cinderella Movies A Cinderella Story Once Upon 1 year ago   02:58

Rob Markievic
My list of most beautiful Cinderella movies. I hope you will enjoy this video. If you like please SUBSCRIBE.
20+1. The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin
20.Falling for grace
18.Tangled ever after
17.The book of Ruth
16. DysEnchanted
15.The magic riddle
14. The slipper and the Rose
13.The 10th kingdom
12. A princes for Christmas
11.Cinderella man
10. Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale
8.What a girl wants
7.The prince and me
6.A Cinderella story once upon a song
5.Ella enchanted
4.Another Cinderella story
3.Cinderella 1950
2.A Cinderella story
1.Ever after

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Jumuna Basumatary
It's a suprb
Mama Lilly cat
Have you actually read the book of Ruth in the Bible? It is nowhere near a Cinderella story. Tangled is the fairy story of Rapunzel, so no not Cinderella. Most of these aren't. My favorite is the Disney's version followed by the original Roger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella starring Lesley Anne Warren as I grew up with these two as a child. I'm 51 and yes I know they were older than me, but they showed the Roger's and Hammerstein's version all the time. There is actually an older one than that I just recently discovered and it has Julie Andrews playing Cinderella. I love all versions and have seen even the newer one with Brandy. I fell in love with "Ever After" as well. That is a more realistic version, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine. P.S. You can find the book of Ruth in the old testament of any Bible. I thought you meant the book of Ester and that's not Cinderella either. Both women were strong in faith. They are some of my favorite books of the Bible.
Florence Christiany
I don't agree with this list at all (though there are a few of these films that I loved). You didn't even put the czech version from 1973! And there's a new version that I discovered, Not Cinderella's Type, that is pretty good
Gypsy Burton
0:48 The slipper and the rose should have been first not 14. It’s honestly so beautiful and just the best movie iv ever watched
fairy puddles
What the HECC, ROBERT!
Gypsy Burton
The fuck why wasn’t slipper and the rose mentioned
America Garcia
Once upon a song is the best of all
Aradia Cohen
This list is a little weak. Most yes, are rags to riches, Cinderella man, any story of any person who rises after abuse and being used- to riches is considered a Cinderella story. If you google the term Cinderella, its the cinder maid. Ultimately it means the Black Madonna, as her face always in the first act has the cinders on her face. It began when the Black Madonnas were flourishing in Europe, and the Black Madonna were supposed to represent Mary Magdalene. Nevertheless for the closest to reality-- read the following for the real meaning of the story, which has come down from centuries of retelling it. In short for those who do not like to read; Ella is a savior who is supposed to come and save humanity from its own evil and folly we so gladly and catastrophically engaged in. Here is the total quote with source at the end. "The fairy tale of the cinder maid originated as an anti ecclesiastical allegory repeated by real "fairies"- that is, Pagans, Ella Was Hel, or Helle, daughter of Mother Earth, the Goddess with her regenerative fires reduced to cinders. Her ugly stepmother was the new church. Her ugly stepsisters were the church's darlings, the military, aristocracy and the clergy. An early German version of the story said Cinderella's real mother the Earth, though dead, sent from her grave a fairy tree in answer to her daughter's prayer. This tree produced golden apples, fine clothes and other gifts. Thus the "fairy godmother" of later versions seems to have been a ghost of the mother, the dispossessed Great Goddess in retirement underground. Beautified with her new riches, Cinderella won the "prince" (mankind), ever easily impressed by the display of finery. Their union was symbolized by fitting her foot into a shoe, a common sexual allegory. The Eleusinian Mysteries signified sacred marriage by working a phallus object in a woman's shoe. The glass slipper perhaps stood for the Crystal Cave by which pagan heroes entered the uterine underworld. Like other secret medieval prophecies of the overthrow the rich, powerful theocracy, the downfall of Cinderella's ugly stepmother and stepsister may have been intended as a prophecy."
The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker
Ajuvia Hannah
Most of these aren't even cinderella
What is this ? list of worst films ever ?
This one is not to forget. Three wishes for Cinderella. Czech film from 73 that is shown every christmas in Norway at least, here with our dub. https://up-tube.com/upvideo/LXQI1HsI9Pf
carlin clark
Ever after and another cinderella story are the best for me 💕
عبير الغالبي
l love the move
Shelley Netzer-Edgerton
This is one of the worst list I have ever seen
kamili 22la
Ever after will be always number one ❤
Anii Sanchez
Cinderella (2015) with Lily James is the best of all of them.
Margarida Marques
11, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.
Wiltrud Friesch
my favourite is "Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel" (3 gifts for Cinderella) from the 70's.
Eduardo FS
There are at least 2 movies missing:
1. Disney's "Cinderella" (live action) - this is an obvious choice
2. "Not Cinderella's Type", with the excellent young actress Paris Warner
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A Cinderella Story Once Upon Top 20 Best Cinderella Movies 1 year ago   03:33