Full Face Japanese Drugstore Wearing Only Walmart For A Week 6 months ago   26:23

Mia Maples
Today we are trying drugstore makeup from Japan!
New videos Friday & Sunday! :D
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Debra Clarkbrown
francesca carter
u should so do the thing with your brows and film it xx
Molly-may Henshaw
Omg I love the lip liner pen set does anyone know where you can get them/what they're called?
On the eyebrows, I actually like it when there's a nice arch or bend like that. I think it looks really nice the way it is.
MacRON! Sorry I can't help it. New fan and so far I love your content :)
i don't like your intro plez change it
Her eyebrows are two different colors
ebru koylan
I have been in Japan.amazing country
Elza Anna
You look so good with this
I so agree with what you said about Japan. It is my absolute favorite place. I have said what you said... it's hard to explain. I have likened it to living (I lived there for a little while.) in Disney World. Everyone is Sooo nice and everything is done so well (like perfect in almost everything they do!) and everything has some kind of animation! But in a way that makes you feel like being nice too.
Lauren Carter
You kinda turned into Marzia Kjellberg.... 24:40
You can use a forwarding service. You buy directly from any japanese online shop, have it shipped in your forwarding service address, and then they will ship it to you. They can consolidate your packages too so it will be shipped in 1 box.
gisselle ceja
Love the look 🤗 but it’s macaron not macaroon. Anyway I’m so jealous that you went 😭
Karen V
Love it all, the shades match you perfectly, you look so pretty, good choices
Makella White
Why is there too people wearing masks?Carona Virus
Salma Mohammed
it funny how M
ia always gets her correct foundation shade right 99.9 percent of the time and james charles still can't find his *i cry*
Amber Rottiers
I don't get blush... First you do something about redness on your face and then you make it red again...?? Like wtf?😅
Analynn Rico
I honestly love everything about the look and i honestly kinda wanna try for myself key word "try" but anyways you look so pretty love it and love you 💗 really enjoyed this video 💞
Lao Yang
So pretty
Githa Siwi
Ur so cuteeeee
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Wearing Only Walmart For A Week Full Face Japanese Drugstore 6 months ago   23:31

Wearing Clothing From Walmart For A Week!!
New videos Friday & Sunday! :D
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