MY ROOMMATE DOES MY MAKEUP The Sims 4: Get Famous Early Access! 11 months ago   28:49

Watch my roommate and best friend, Katy, do my makeup EXTRALY good using the James Charles Morphe Palette & brush set.

Follow Katy here & convince her to put up those four youtube videos thanks

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I Used ONLY THE VOICEOVER to Follow A James Charles Makeup Tutorial:
HAUNTED HOTEL: I Did My Halloween Makeup at The Hollywood Roosevelt:

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Abbygale Tirado
She didn’t have the curly blond hair but you had blonde hair in a ponytail with the mermaid hook somebody got a tattoo of it you mentioned it in the mermaid tutorial I think that’s what Katie’s mentioning it’s close enough
Yasi Samiei
Katey sounds like what I imagine yuri from doki doki literature club would sound like. 😁😁😁
I love Katy's personality, she makes me feel so chill...
Izzie On Me!
11 month later.... still waiting for Kathy's Channel...
Abby McDonald
my mom flushed my sisters pants down an automatic toilet when she was 6 trying to wash poop out of them the same way lmao
Mags Nies
She set off my alexa again but instead it started playing Hamilton like wtf??
Emma Poirier
My grand mother dose that and she want me to wash my hands on the towel on the sink insted
justine marissa
6:22 the way Mykie got so happy at the fact Katy has four videos. Her excitement and support for Katy to upload is adorable.
Abby Perry
im 5f11
Abby Perry
my fav look is snow white
It's one of those videos i can watch over and over again, probally because i wish I had friends like Katy and Mykie
Jena Wathen
Thanks for making my alexa go off
Marguerite Williams
I can never look that good
Sigita Ventyte
I see how at one point were annoyed by her feiend and so do I . That attitude though 😒
Eden Mor
The story she told was soooo funny i laughed too much
Kenyaliz Perez
Katie enseñando sus dientes en cada oportunidad que se mira
The group of friends
Blonde with hook in her mouth look on her Instagram she has done that boom!!!
Katy: "WelL iN reAl LIfE It LoOks fINe"
Mykie: "It dOEsnT maTTEr"
xobts _12
What's Katie's zodiac sign??
Theearlynovamber ;
Please please please have Katy do more story times!
And you guys arguing now the funniest thing ever 😂
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The Sims 4: Get Famous Early Access! MY ROOMMATE DOES MY MAKEUP 11 months ago   3:30:49

Messing around with Get Famous!

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