Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? Best NFL C'MON MAN Moments Of 2018 9 months ago   14:55

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Groot became a fan favorite right away despite, or perhaps because, he can only say the simple phrase "I am Groot". Now, so far in the MCU we've seen only two people able to fully understand the little twig - Rocket and Thor. What I want to know is, can you or I learn to speak Groot? Could it be a REAL language? Let's find out!

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Flyaway gaming
I am groot.

Translation: Hit that notification bell!!
In the movies Thor knows groot from classes but in the comics he has the all-tongue which allows him to know any language in the realms.
I heard about the whistle language but it would be incredible to learn!
Jasmine L
So I'm not the only American who suffers when learning Chinese.

Good to know
...and I am Iron Man
Juraj Creations
Bran is awesome
Cool dude zeon
Why don't you just use Google translate

I'm moving to Asgard now
I aaaaaaammmmm Groot
Translation: this was a goooood theorey
Alan Nala
Coz I Am Bat*man!
can groot say
"am i groot"
Ultra Instinct Shagy
I'm watching this after watching Guardians of the Galaxy.
Hayden Briggs
I am grout

Translation I love Diet Coke
Nadi ne
I am groot
Benjámin Gál
Me thinks he is an idiot for a whole minute before realizing he MADE REAL F@CKIN' NUMBERS!!!!!!!¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The King OfVirginia
"real life"? It's a fucking movie MORON
Brian Sheeler
We are groot= subscribe
I am groot = like
You are groot= hit the notification bell
Elemental Fist
No stop no
Horror Humor And Coffee
I'm making a language
Rainbow Sheep
Weee aaare groooot
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Best NFL C'MON MAN Moments Of 2018 Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? 9 months ago   08:55


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