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Halo Infinite: 10 New Things You Need | 10 Weird Game Design Choices - At Up-Tube.com

Halo Infinite: 10 NEW Things You NEED 10 WEIRD Game Design Choices 2 days ago   10:08

We've finally gotten another glimpse of Halo Infinite (Xbox One, PC, Scarlett). Let's dive deep into the trailer and speculate.
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Halo speculation time!
What do you want from Infinite?
What type of pc specs whould i need?
Zain Sohel
Man I really hope they don't remove the thruster pack from halo 5, I am really into that stuff.
DR. Vince
Who grew up with all sides of the gaming industry? Like me i grew up with gameboy then ps1 then psp then xbox 360. I had fun experiencing all of them and i dont get why we need to fight over which one is better just play and enjoy.

Btw im a pc master race now lol
I hope Arbiter returns.
I want halo 2 halo 3 style multiplayer, none of the garbage armor abilities that allowed a player to over extend his position putting himself in a bad situation only to thrust out of it, you push up too far without your team you get punished ok? Ok. I want halo 2&3 style aim assist or disable it completly, not this 4&5 style crap that allows complete newbies to perfectly 4 shot the nastiest strafe a pro can muster. I want the aim assist disabled or like h2 h3 where it was worth spending months perfecting a strafe that would allow you to crouch/duck/juke/jump out of that final headshot during br fights unlike 4&5 where the aim assist is so strong a complete random who never played halo could perfectly 4 shot a pro players strafe and wonder what that guy was trying to do. I want bungie style multiplayer. I want bungie style multiplayer, and finally dare i say it...? Im saying it...MLG MLG MLG or something with a new name but the same concept...meaning professional circuits, lan events, and huge huge money to go to the best teams every year, you want people to play the game? GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO PLAY FOR. I want Halo to replace this garbage fartnight that took over the professional gaming scene not because it was good but because it targeted every 16 and under virgin in the world.
chris adamson
co-op split screen (please)
Josh 117
Cant wait to play on my pc
CF Alex
Is Master Chief a robot 🤯 NOOO!
Joe Murphy
Halo follower covered basically all that already
maybe they showcased the spawn visuals for the multiplayer, if there will be one, maybe there will be an invincibility time associated with it?
Nicholas Loyd
Have you noticedthe guy In the ship in the trailer in the begining his hair was short and no beard but at the hologram his hair goes long
Harley Johnson
There was also a QR code hidden on his visor when he started up.
Nimrod SKS
I want this game to give the facility to change FPP to TPP anywhere , anytime............
vince Mabe
I don’t think you’re too far off with the reach AR. If reach was shortly before Combat evolved the weaponry from reach was still in that pelican after he was lost at space. So therefore maybe he has been floating around for awhile. With all that ancient gear some clues lead to that some debunk it
Halo reach Is my favorite
4:14 I’m sorry what?
Mynameis Wade
We need Arbiter and Masterchief missions
Dallas Scandling
Halo battle royale please since destiny is a better halo online
Echo419 This is FoeHammer, Is that you Cortana? Yes FoeHammer, were going behind enemy lines, The covenant arent going to know what hit them.

FoeHammer over and out. Let's give em hell...

Omg such a great game back in the day
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10 WEIRD Game Design Choices Halo Infinite: 10 NEW Things You NEED 2 days ago   10:25

Ever play a great game that has just one little thing that bothers you? Welp, this is a video just for you!
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