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Micheal Scofield
Non Rustic
Meh, car theif down... The others though.... Sad.
Vartilak Novehestum
He also stabbed several black and dark skin men in Manhattan New York City. The FBI didn't catch him. He joined the Army and stabbed a black soldier. The US Army Criminal Investigators in Fort Benning Georgia cracked the case. He was tried in Buffalo and Manhattan New York.
He was convicted of multiple homicides and sentence to life. God killed him with cancer at The Attica State Prison.
The FBI didn't do shit. I often wonder how does a 22 caliber pistol leaves shell casings? Especially since the killer had the gun in a bag! This video is bogus. The facts didn't happen the way depicted in this video.
But as the entire world can see, this is very typical of the white species. They have a history of genocide on a global scale.
Gregory Pierson
Joseph Christopher was the .22 caliber killer. He was apprehended, jailed, prosecuted and convicted. Karma caught up with him--he died in prison in 1993. Well deserved outcome.
Glasgow crime 88
Well done to the guy he done good
Sweetassugar 72
Holy jumped up sheep shit ! I’ll stick that 22 up his arse then pull the trigger..
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22 Calibre Killer - Crime Stories 22 CALIBER KILLER 1 day ago   44:35

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Joseph G. Christopher (July 26, 1955 – March 1, 1993) was an American serial killer, active from September 22, 1980 until his arrest on May 10, 1981. He was known as the "Midtown Slasher". It is believed that he killed at least twelve individuals and wounded numerous others, almost all African Americans, with one Hispanic male.

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