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This video tells you how you can magically impove your CRS score for immigration to Canada to apply for Express Entry 2018.

How to Calculate CRS points: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/hJjK-4Uc6uR

Step by Step process to apply Canada PR: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/hJjK-4Uc6uR

Link to CRS calculator http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/crs-tool.asp

Video guide to the Step by Step Process for Canada PR ( Express Entry 2018)"

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7:53 Sir, but you need CRS 452 to get ITA.
ashwinikumar kamble
Can you contact me on ashwinikumar.kamble@gmail.com
👍 explained
Dr. Humayun Kabir Rushad
Highly appreciated your effort brother. May GOD bless you.
simi rokkam
What is your age is above 35.. do you still have chances to get PR for Canada ??
Adwaith S Kumar
I have CLB 10 but im going to do PG diploma rather than master degree so what is the chance of my PR
Hani Abu Ali
Id like to have your email to contact you regarding my application
Hi, TX for the video
Please don't give people false hopes, don't be a partner in crime!!!


My friend and I took the test on the same day at the same time, we both got 9s in both reading and listening, then she got 8 in speaking since she's a native English speaker and US educated, but I got a 7.5 which I think is fair, but we were both scored 6.5 for writing what a coincidence, MAGIC. Is this even possible?!?!?! this is illogical... I swear I wrote an essay by the book, intro, arguments for and against (3 each), and a conclusion.

What makes it more suspicious is that they ask the purpose for which you are taking the test when you sign up, and require irrelevant details which raise a big question mark.

I will not retake the test!
I got screwed in writing too, but I am sure I wrote very well
Hifza Khalid
Hey! I wanted to know which category of education will i fall in if i have a bachelor degree plus diploma in IT
Lovella Gonzaga
Hello, thank you very for this very informative video! Just want to ask what is the least amount of years of working experience is required in order to be eligible for the Express Entry program?
Blanch Mary
Hi, I wanted to talk to you personally about some specifications, if you could send me ur email ID please. Thank you
Siju Nambiar
I am Married and 35 years old I got ielts band 7778 while I am calculating CRS score reach up to 392, what shall I do improvement for CRS score
latest updates
does the percentage matter in education???? like percentage in bachelor???
michel gonz
Hi I have a question so, 8 should be always in listening, and 7 in the other ones, or could be 8 in one of the sections and 7 in the rest? I hope you can answer. Thanks
Gurpinder Singh
Correspondence master degree consider or not
Hi! Do you know the minimal CRS score to apply for EE?
marcela eingel
You are Genius ....😍🥰🥰🥰
Anony Molu
I got CLB 10 + in my first attempt. I speak very good English and can understand it as good as my native language. But I don't have a Masters Degree and my age is 30. This sucks!
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IELTS General Writing Tips 🇨🇦 How to Improve CRS score (Magic 2 months ago   16:36

This video is about IELTS General writing tips

IELTS answer sheet download link:

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