THE PRODIGY Clip: "Last Chance" The White Stripes - 'Seven Nation 6 months ago   01:10

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The truth about Miles is far more terrifying than what they imagined. Check out this chilling new clip, and find out what’s wrong with Miles on February 8. #WhatsWrongWithMiles

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Hunter Ray
I saw the movie and I loved it which is another reason I'm hyped for Child's play
Vintage Blast
This scene was like omfg.
Rhys Is The Joker
Is that the male version of Elise from Insidious?
Dankness Dank
Miles was already gone years ago, it was the murderer all along, the mom dies in the end and Miles goes on as a murderer
Marci Boze
Im getting that movie called the prodigy what's wrong with miles
I love that movie
Bob the Unamused Dark Matter
The movie seems hardly unique or interesting, but there's something about this that just sends chills down my spine.
Sal Reacts
Desu Chan
I knew it. Something is possessing him.
Gariks Merem
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The White Stripes - 'Seven Nation THE PRODIGY Clip: "Last Chance" 6 months ago   04:00

Directed by Alex & Martin