The Future of Driverless Cars 4 Real Flying Cars That 4 months ago   05:19

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Autonomous vehicles have made significant progress in the last decade and should be available to buy very soon. In this TDC mini-doc, we look at the history of "self-driving" vehicles, where the industry is today, and what our roads will look like in the future.

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Gifyifhk hmcucyk
Ewwwwww. Hackable cars
As a recently vision impaired individual, these would enable me to work again and restore my lost freedom.
Cj Combs
I’m fro the ducker they lie
Does David Hasselhoff know he can upgrade .🤐 No one tell the trans am . Kitt will be pissed 😶
Kirk Augustin
No, autonomous vehicles do not and will never work. All the current experiments rely totally on GPS, which is totally unreliable every 11 years during sunspots. And Google has not been without accidents. In fact, 6 people have been killed, and many accidents have been caused by autonomous vehicles, such as hitting buses, firetrucks, etc. And there is no business model. Anyone who tries to sell them will go bankrupt by litigation for every single fender bender. There is not a single shred of evidence autonomous vehicles are even remotely as safe. They can't even recognize turn signals or brake lights. Not to mention that any loose wire will likely be fatal. Humans do image recognition millions of times faster and more reliably. Electronic sensors like radar and lidar are not reliable, and radar causes cancer and blood clots. Dumbest idea anyone ever tries to push with fake hype.
Brian Sullivan
Well done Andy!
The softest part of a woman's breast is?
*Lol, the Jobs / driving Jobs are one of the biggest Jobs force in the world and everything that goes hand in hands with it, so l guess millions are going to be happy out of work, ok then! 😨*

And when they get this Tec.. down for cars don't you believe your job is safe for one min..say hello to your A.I. co- worker he will be taking your job!
MGang TV
If your waking up everyday chasing your dreams drop a sub and we will return the favor shout out to everyone out here grinding much love...
Tino Sossou
This was good until russian started hacking our sys. I am more for semi automatic cars
Average Boi
I use to think driverless cars were the way but now I hate people who go with the new are the ones who know nothing about what we love
Timothy Schellin
this video is a bit overly optimistic, while automating highway driving is fairly easy, getting to 100% autonomous in any situation is still _at least_ a decade away.
Jay Dickerson
Please check pronunciation
Adamantium Scorpion
And when it has an accident. (And It will.) Who's at fault? (Sue the car!) When it kills some one? Is the car going to jail? (Anything that can go wrong....Will go wrong.) ???
Lorraine Smith.
Can it drive into a crowd of people or park with a bomb inside.?...some might find that a aware of what you are putting out into the world...not all people are GOOD. Some are evil. NOT A GOOD IDEA.
What about planes?
Sam Kaur
Cars are not the only wheels on the road.What about motor bikes?Are they going to be autonomous?
Joshua Ostrander
Cant wait! Its gonna be awesome
Bob Juniper
Much of this is fluff. This is reported by the giant corporations that want this to happen. An unbiased report tells us it will be 2050 to 2060 before safety, cost and infrastructure issues are ready for this. Think for a second. We can't get our potholes in today's roads fixed . Do you really believe this will be happening soon?
Eric Martin
Can't wait for these to get massively hacked and used to kill people 🤣
Mark CreekWater
Please note that "an Uber autonomous [i.e., driverless] vehicle ... struck and killed a female cyclist in Tempe [Arizona]. The Uber was in autonomous [no driver] mode when it killed a 49-year-old woman ... around 10 p.m. March 19 [2018] near Mill Avenue and Curry Road. Gov. Doug Ducey revoked his permission for Uber to test its [driverless] cars on Arizona roadways." [page 4, San Tan Sun News, May 19 - June 1, 2018] In my opinion, every state governor should do likewise, plus the president of the USA !! Sincerely, Mark Creek-water Dorazio, long-time peace-activist, Phoenix
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4 Real Flying Cars That The Future of Driverless Cars 4 months ago   05:30

Flying cars are finally here.These are 4 examples....

Pal V
Terrafugia Transition
Maveric LSA
Aeromobile 3.0

Writer - Wade Hutson
Video Editor - Kevin Murray