Kardashian and Jenner Sisters Argue Kim Kardashian West & Kris Jenner 1 year ago   26:16

Anne Mavity
Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner app launch interview

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Sadiya kofa
Kylie is ignored while talking to Kenny😂😂😂 omg so embarrassed
Vishnu Priya
I dk whether they are purposely or accidentally sitting like this... But they sat like brunette, blonde, brunette, blond, brunette 😂😘😘♥️
Peter Corner
25:06 such cute thing! to bad the name got spoken to quick
“We’re in different cities, she was just in China”
Maryam Saeed
silicone family🥴
Kwanda Sinyanya
😍Guy everyone is Kim Kim but know days (2019) people will die for Kylie 😍
Abz Deelo
They talk about real but their all plastic ..... I don't get it man 😂
Get Well soon
Kylie doesn’t talk intelligently
Let's play which ones were born boys. Kendall 100% Kim 100% the rest?
Musnah Jawed
"I was up last night until 3:30 in the morning"
-2016 Kim Kardashian
Musnah Jawed
i feel sorry for kylie almost everyone keeps on interrupting her but i love the kardashians and jenners and kim is respondong so nicely i wonder how they would have responed without her
kim is responding like a queen
kendall is the only one with a nice skintone
khloe does not interupt anyone
kourney is down to earth
kylie is very keen to answer
Karmelle Bert
Where can I buy Khloe's top???
Cheers freacking
Kloé looks stunning
She' saved her families ass by selling her ass. I feel bad for her honestly, she doesn't even have a clue. After the lawyer father died that monster mother of theirs whored out her children. They aren't American royalty. They are a national disgrace. Right up there with Jerry Springer, Jersey shore, and the like. They epitomize the decline of morality in western civilization. If this is what we celebrate what does that say about America? They are a direct reflection of our morals and values, and I gotta say, what's looking back at us in the mirror is f@cking terrifying. We have made the enemies of capitalism look like Nostradamus. Self-absorption, exploitation, plastic surgery, and a general lack of morality and values. A horrific example for the young girls and women of the United States. This is exactly how the elite use the media to degrade the masses with creating the "Kardashians". It truly confirms my belief in pure evil. Satan at work pulling at the fabric of common decencey.
Fucking fans of what! Lol. These idiots are inventing talent. I guess that's a talent in itself. Exploitation.
BoReD MoDe
the questions are stupid. they are all the same but in different ways lol
Lisa's Security Guard
Libras are born leaders
bby jaimieee
lmfaooo yo everytime kylie talk i had to pause the video and look away 😂😂 i felt so embarrassed for her
Na Ye
All of their names start with letter K.
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Kim Kardashian West & Kris Jenner Kardashian and Jenner Sisters Argue 1 year ago   17:00