Tribeca Film Festival 2017 Robert De Niro Talks Tribeca 3 months ago   06:08

I got my vespa back and went to a unique event at the Tribeca Film Festival.
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Music: Jordyn Edmonds

At a 100k followers on instagram, I quit my job in finance to pursue a dream and started my own advertising agency - with my partner @fjerry aka meme biscuit. This is a daily vlog of my life in New York City to document the success and failures of my career. vlog253

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Holly Hargreaves
*3.15 For those interested in the Tribeca film festival bit. He just talks about a Vespa for 3 mins before that.
Holly Hargreaves
Duuuuude, why did it take you three minutes to get into the Tribeca film festival bit. Annoying.
curious bro what are you shooting this with? Great quality.
Kinsey Ludt
pretty sure roman is my favorite
nice vlog subscibed!!!
Area 647
Nice vid 👌🏻
Caglar Hepterlikci
Krispy, u still using 10-18 canon lens? Lately, bokeh and stuff looks more crispy!
Buzz LightBeer
Hello KrispyShorts, Congrats on reaching 50,000 views! Your American Airlines video is lsted under the trending American Airlines stroller video so its getting more views!
StubbleBubble 365
Simon Marthinsen
@krispyshorts do you like pineapple on your dominos pizza?
many thumbs!
Alex Escobar
Nigga said the mail reason why i love my Vespa 🛵 is because of parking tickets 😭😭😭😭 what
Stan loonA
You are the best krispy
Phillip Sibbald
👍👍baller ass vlog brah
carolyn mcfarland
I'm a recent subscriber and love your channel. You deserve a bunch more subscribers- keep grindin!
love that girl!
EyYo, wot positchon duz Bean plai? Stryka? Talkin' britash foota
Richard Bonau
Told the young Starbucks lady about Krispy
Jonathan Hawkins
Sup Krispy
JK and Counting
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Robert De Niro Talks Tribeca Tribeca Film Festival 2017 3 months ago   05:16

Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro and producer Jane Rosenthal founded the Tribeca Film Festival 15 years ago. They join TODAY to talk about some new aspects to the event this year, including virtual reality and gaming. De Niro also talks about a long-awaited reunion with cast members from “The Godfather” that will close out the festival.
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Robert De Niro Talks Tribeca Film Festival And ‘Godfather’ Reunion | TODAY