Ryan Ferguson and Bill Ferguson Sylvester Stallone Was A "Terrible Choice" 12 months ago   04:58

Kristen Maldonado
I talk to Ryan and Bill Ferguson on the Tribeca Film Festival red carpet about what it was like to see their story of wrongful conviction brought to life in the Andrew Jenks-directed documentary dream/killer.

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☆ About dream/killer ☆
In 2005, 20-year-old Ryan Ferguson was convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. dream/killer is the story of how his father Bill embarked on 10-year campaign to prove Ryan’s innocence. From the questionable District Attorney Kevin Crane, and the highly-confused witness Chuck Erickson, to the high-powered Chicago attorney Kathleen Zellner, the doc depicts both a highly flawed justice system, as well as one that can work brilliantly. Behind bars, Ryan provides a candid and intimate look at his life. Bill Ferguson is not only a father but a best friend to Ryan as is demonstrated by his tireless energy and relentless creativity in his fight to bring his son back home where he belongs.

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Renee Jr
This man better love his dad!!
Alexei Romanov
this "film" is a waste of time. I don't believe he is innocent. He spent 10 years of hard prison gay sex and he still stands straight and proud. He even wrote a book about his homoerotic encounters. He has been out for 2 years now; Good for him. If he is innocent that sucks. However, he did it.
There's still an innocent man in prison and for the life of me I can't figure out why he he's still there?
Charles Erickson should have been freed long ago. He freed Ryan by recanting his testimony and now the favor needs to be returned to get charlie free. Had Charlie not recanted his testimony most likely Ryan would still be incarcerated. Charlie deserves reward not punishment. I really hope Ryan lives up to his part in saying he will help free Charlie
Excellent interview!  Though, I'm curious what the edit was at about the 4:25 mark? What are the two other murder cases he is working on?
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Sylvester Stallone Was A "Terrible Choice" Ryan Ferguson and Bill Ferguson 12 months ago   03:22

Sylvester Stallone stuck to his guns when he was trying to sell the screenplay for "Rocky," refusing to give it up unless he was given the title role, even though he says was a "terrible choice."