Avengers Endgame Trailer Breakdown! Here Are Marvel’s Next Six Movies 3 months ago   08:09

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Avengers Endgame "Mission" Promo reveals interesting clues about the final mission (or MISSIONS) to defeat Thanos! What does Cap mean by "You know your teams, you know your missions, no mistakes, no do-overs"? And which Avengers could embark on a journey in the Quantum Realm? Erik Voss breaks down the details you missed in this brief Avengers trailer, and what massive implications they have on the Endgame ending. Where is Hulk, Thor, and Captain Marvel in the Endgame trailer footage?

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Umar Khan
Who came back after watching endgame to see if he got some bits right 😂😂
Iyaad Manzural Karim
I saw it
any one after endgame to see this....weather he said the wright
sarosh ENCORE
Almost 90% of your theories came right. And I'm really proud of you guys ( as a regular viewer of this channel). You guys nailed each single detail❤❤
Khaoula Elyoubi
Wow you actually got some of them right 👏 👏 🙏
Khaoula Elyoubi
Well yeah we cried in this movie ❤️
Tom Keyes
I started to avoid any videos like this in the run up to the movie, but it's fun to watch your predictions after the fact.
Jason Sempeck
Nailed it!!!
Hender Bender44
The ninth arm that’s not there is hulk he’s controlling the device
Daksh Ramnani
Damn, almost all his predictions are right.
Cap to Tony: "There's always other ways out"

Tony: "There's only one way out of 14 million"
Sarah Jedi
5:40 we stand a director that’s wearing a Fortnite shirt👌
TicTac Tomato
Already watched endgame on the 24th in Australia

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi
Saw the movie yesterday. He predicted it! 2:21 - 2:33
N. Maximo
Is anyone talking about Tony’s blonde hair?
Joebert Hapa
Hey, I just watch end game this morning and I am shocked because SOME of your theories are correct. But i won't say witch one. 😉
TheVelvetCat 1419
Yo, americans, Avengers drops for us in Ireland on the 25th. HAHA!
Karlos Potato
The final minutes of this movie is the best
Sufyan Chaudhry
5:40 do I see fortnite March
Marauder Gaming
I didn’t wanna watch more trailers but tv KEPT FRIGGEN SHOWEN EM
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Here Are Marvel’s Next Six Movies Avengers Endgame Trailer Breakdown! 3 months ago   04:55

#MCU #Marvel #Avengers
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